Mangal Lakshmi 27th February 2024 Written Update: Adit hurts Mangal

Mangal Lakshmi 27th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mangal on call asking Lakshmi if she woke up. Lakshmi says she woke up. Mangal says she is so excited and asks her to get ready in a good way for her wedding looks. Lakshmi agrees. Both sisters start praying for each other’s happiness. Mangal asks the goddess to fix Sachin and Lakshmi’s alliance.

Later, Mangal purchases veggies in the market. The vendor praises Lakshmi’s speedy calculations. On the other hand, Chachi tries to sell Lakshmi’s mother vessels to a milk guy to pay the milk bill. Lakshmi notices it. She stops Chachi from selling the vessels and promises to get the money from the shop the next day. She requests milk seller to give her one day time to pay his bill. The milk seller agrees. Deepika tells her mom that she wants to know what kind of guy Mangal chooses for Lakshmi. She says Mangal is lucky as she has a great looking husband.

On the other hand, Mangal works like a machine in the kitchen. Mangal’s mother in law enters the kitchen. She mocks Mangal and adds more salt to the curry without listening to Mangal. Mangal’s mother-in-law asks her when the Groom family will arrive to see Lakshmi. Mangal says they will come in the afternoon. She decides to call Lakshmi to tell her to be ready on time.

Lakshmi starts stitching clothes in the shop. Mangal manages her kids. Mangal’s husband angrily calls Mangal. Mangal rushes to her husband’s room with tea. She notches a curry mark on her dress and hides it. He questions her why she took so much time to come to him. Mangal tries to tell him that Sachin’s family is coming to meet Lakshmi but He doesn’t listen to her. Mangal praises his look and tells him that everyone thinks he is younger than his age. He smiles and mocks her that she doesn’t maintain like him. He burns his hand by taking hot coffee. He blames Mangal for it and comments on her. She requests him to meet Sachin once. Adit says he has an important meeting and asks her to be ready in 10 minutes in a good way and leaves. Mangal feels confused thinking how to get ready to impress her husband.

Chachi comes to the shop and reminds Lakshmi that she needs to purchase snacks for the groom’s family. Chachi asks Lakshmi to purchase things needed for Deepika and leaves. Lakshmi completes the order. She receives money from the customer.

Adit waits for Mangal in the car. Mangal takes more time because of her son which makes Adit mad. Adit’s mom tells him that Mangal is a little bit tensed due to her sister’s wedding looks. She tells him that she chose a good girl for him who managed everything. Mangal comes out. Adit feels disappointed seeing her look. Adit’s mother tells Mangal she wore two different chappals. Mangal says sorry and goes to change her sandals. She notices her father in law is trying to eat sweets. Mangal requests him to not eat sweets which are bad for his health. He agrees.

Mangal comes out and notices Adit already left. She hires an auto and leaves for her place. Lakshmi gives money to her Chachi and starts preparing Pakodi for Boy’s family. Mangal video calls Lakshmi. She notices Lakshmi is not yet ready. She asks Lakshmi to give the phone to Deepika. Lakshmi gives phone to Deepika. Mangal requests Deepika to ready Lakshmi. Deepika readies Lakshmi. Mangal feels happy with Lakshmi’s look. Deepika comments on Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mangal thinks Sachin will be the best partner for Lakshmi but some other guy is shown to be coming to the wedding looks. Adit tortures Mangal with his behavior.

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