Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Upcoming Story : Will Sumitra agrees for Komal’s wish to marry Adarsh?


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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 Sumitra’s plan to separate Pratigya from Krishna fails now Komal is threatening Sumitra now it will be interesting to see what happens next.

In the current track it shown that Adarsh and Pratigya calls for help then decides to wait for someone anyone to come near this room and goes to sleep. Komal asks Garv in the morning why he is upset. Krishna says that because of Pratigya not giving permission to go to picnic. Sumita acts and asks where is Pratigya. Komal also asks where is Adarsh. Sumitra tells to everyone that she saw both Pratigya and Adarsh close maybe they both went together somewhere. Everyone goes to search Pratigya and Adarsh. Sumitra opens the room where Pratigya and Adarsh is there and calls everyone. Krishna comes there and sees Pratigya in that room. Later everyone sees Adarsh comes and stands behind Pratigya.

Shakti accuse both Pratigya and Adarsh and taunts Pratigya saying is this why she asked space from Krishna. Pratigya explains that the door was locked that’s why they both are forced to share the room together. Komal gets angry and tries to stop Pratigya. Krishna stops Komal and tells everyone that he trusts Pratigya more than himself and warns everyone not to say a single word against her then leaves. Sumitra gets upset that nothing that she wished happens. Adarsh lashes out at Komal for accusing Pratigya. Komal gets hurt seeing Adarsh’s behavior and leaves the place. Krishna gets frustrated thinking how his family member’s accused Pratigya and worries there is no one to console Pratigya.

Pratigya cries seeing her and Krishna’s picture and says that she can’t handle this much Love from him. Meera comes there and asks Pratigya to not to hurt Krishna by staying away from him. Pratigya decides to go back to Krishna. Sumitra comes there and manipulates Pratigya and asks after her death dont she wants to see Krishna and kids to be happy and asks Pratigya to separate herself from Krishna otherwise Krishna will never get over her and the kids life will be ruined after her death. Pratigya thinks about Sumitra’s words.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pratigya will ask Krishna how can he enter her room without her permission. Komal will say to Sumitra she want to marry Adarsh. Komal will threaten Sumitra to reveal the truth to Krishna about her plan. Sumitra will look at Komal. Pratigya will insult Krishna by calling him a dog. Krishna will shout Pratigya and raise his hand.

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