May I Come In Madam 18th December 2023 Written Update: Kashmira seeks Sajan’s help to separate Chedilal-Ramvati


May I Come In Madam 18th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kashmira in the kitchen. Sajan arrives there and asks her to check the gas pipe before she uses it. He then notices her crying, so he inquires her the reason behind it. Kashmira informs him about her nightmare, which is related to him and Bubbly. Sajan scolds her, but Kashmira defends saying nightmare isn’t in her hand. Sajan gets upset. Kashmira asks him to help her with the clothes that she put outside to dry. Sajan obliges. Kashmira leaves. Sajan notices the joker inside his house, so he runs out of it. He holds Bubbly by mistake, who is jogging. Kashmira arrives there and gets upset. Sajan gets shocked and worried.

Later, Sajan and Sanjana arrive at the accident spot to get a clue about their blackmailer. Sanjana gets upset with Sajan, who keeps on expressing his fear about the blackmailer, so she scolds him. They both notice a house there. Sajan knocks on the door. Someone notices them from a window. Sanjana suggests that Sajan break the house door. Sajan obliges. Before he could open it, the blackmailer tried to run away from there. Sanjana notices, so she alerts Sajan about it. Sajan catches the mysterious man but fails to notice his face. The latter ran away overpowering Sajan. Sanjana throws a stone at the blackmailer, which shocks Sajan. Sajan questions her action. Sanjana defends it.

Here, Chedilal arrives at Sajan’s house as a milk man to meet Ramvati. Ramvati gets excited to see Chedilal. She urges him to hug her, but Chedilal refuses, saying they will get caught. Ramvati informs him that Kashmira went to buy vegetables while Bhupesh is sleeping. She then takes him inside. They both share a hug. Bhupesh arrives there and removes the beard from Chedilal and questions his action. Kashmira also arrives there and gets shocked learning the milk man is none other than Chedilal. She shouts at him and also asks Ramvati to go inside. Bhupesh scolds Ramvati. Chedilal and Ramvati refuse to give up on each other, claiming they both love each other. Kashmira accepts Chedilal-Ramvati’s relationship, which surprises Bhupesh, Chedilal, and Ramvati.

There, Sajan tells Khiloni about his failed attempt to catch the blackmailer and also the injury Sanjana has caused to the blackmailer. He then wonders how to identify the blackmailer. Khiloni taunts him, so Sajan scolds him. Sajan further tells Khiloni that he won’t spare the blackmailer. Just then, Batuta arrives there with an injures head. Sajan and Khiloni get shocked and inquire him about the reason behind it. Batuta informs them that getting injured during a mission. Sajan and Khiloni believe while Batuta looks worried.

Later, Kashmira tells Sajan about her decision to accept Chedilal-Ramvati’s relationship. Sajan gets happy that Sanjana will be happy learning about it. Kashmira reveals to Sajan that the real reason behind her accepting the relationship is to prove to Ramvati that Chedilal isn’t the right one for her. Sajan gets shocked but agrees to help Kashmira. He then calls Chedilal and talks to him like a woman. Kashmira gets hopeful about her plan succeeding. Meanwhile, Chedilal’s information about Kashmira’s acceptance makes Sanjana happy and emotional. The joker sees everything from far away.

Precap: Sanjana decides to meet the blackmailer so Sajan accompanies her. Both Sajan and Sanjana get trapped, so they worry about the consequences.