May I Come In Madam 5th December 2023 Written Update: Khiloni saves Sajan from Kashmira’s captive


May I Come In Madam 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kashmira dropping a box near Khiloni’s shop, so she hides herself. Sajan notices it so checks who it is. Kashmira hides herself with a blanket and talks to Sajan. Sajan inquires her the reason behind hiding there. Kashmira tells him that her husband is having an affair, so she wants poison. Both Sajan and Khiloni get shocked. Khiloni says to Kashmira that they don’t have poison here, so Kashmira leaves the place.

There, Ramvati gets ready for her dinner date with Chedilal. Bhupesh mocks her, so Ramvati scolds him. Kashmira arrives there. She talks to herself, so Ramvati asks her what happened, but Kashmira refuses to say anything to her. Kashmira inquires Ramvati where she is leaving. Ramvati lies about her dinner plan. She then blushes hard and then leaves the place. Bhupesh notices Kashmira is upset, so he asks her the reason behind it. Kashmira says to Bhupesh that she feels Sajan is having an affair with someone in his office. She wonders whether it’s Pyaari, but Bhupesh says she is too young, so it won’t be her. Kashmira suspects Sanjana and seeks Bhupesh to help her save her married life. Bhupesh promises the same.

Here, Chedilal gets ready for his dinner date with Ramvati. He sings a song to himself. Sanjana arrives there. She inquires Chedilal for singing her favorite song, also where he is getting ready to go as she made their favorite pasta for dinner. Chedilal lies to Sanjana and also refuses to have dinner with her. Sanjana tries to persuade him, but Chedilal gets upset, so he scolds her for acting like a kid. He then leaves from there. Sanjana gets upset. She gets upset with Sajan after noticing the time, so she decides to contact him.

In Agarwal’s house, Sajan enters and notices Kashmira is singing a song, so he asks her choice of song. Kashmira challenges Sajan, which the latter accepts it. She then sings around Sajan. Bhupesh fails to hold Sajan, so Kashmira slaps him. She again sings around Sajan. Bhupesh arrives there with a rope but gets beaten up by Sajan. With so many difficulties, both Kashmira and Bhupesh take Sajan to the room. They both struggle to tie him up. Just then, Ramvati arrives there and helps Kashmira by holding Sajan in a place. Kashmira ties up Sajan in a bed and asks him about his plan to elope with Sanjana. Sajan gets worried about how to answer her question. Meanwhile, Khiloni waits for Sajan.

Here, Chedilal returns home but declines Sanjana’s offer to have dinner with her, then goes inside. Sanjana gets annoyed why Sajan isn’t here yet. There, Sajan pleads with Kashmira to listen to him once just then he receives a message from Sanjana, which Kashmira reads it and misunderstands, so she leaves the place with teary eyed. Ramvati mocks Sajan.

Sanjana writes a letter for Chedilal as a kidnapper and then leaves the house with her bag. Meanwhile, Ramvati asks Kashmira why she didn’t share anything with her anything. Kashmira lashes out at Ramvati, which makes the latter cry. Meanwhile, Khiloni saves Sajan from Kashmira’s captive. They both then go to Sanjana’s house, where Khiloni gets distracted seeing drinks, which leads to a fight between them. Sajan drops his ID card, which he fails to notice, then leaves with Khiloni.

Precap: Sajan threatens Chedilal from a public booth, but Vinod catches him red-handed. Later, Kashmira visits the police station to file a case on Sajan but gets surprised seeing him behind the bars.