Meet 12th March 2022 Written Update: Masoom declares the date of adoption


Meet 12th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet call Mohan Lal and gets busy no. Meet thinks why is Mohan Lal chacha is saying he does not know me and there is no way he forgot about me. She recalls the video call conversation with Mohan Lal chacha and thinks Mohan Lal is in sevamandir, Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Assam. Meet Ahlawat asks how she knows. Meet tells she identifies easily because I used to go there with Dad for my grandfather’s pindaprsthan. Meet says there is no way he remembers that place and not me. Meet Alhawat says it’s near them then they both go to Kurukshetra. They reach Seva mandir Brahma Sarovar Meet Ahlawat praises Meet that she should be in CID. Meet sees Mohan Lal and tries to talk to him but he tries to close the door on Meet when Meet calls him but she stops him and talks about their past memories and asks won’t he help her. Mohan Lal gets emotional.

Meet confronts him about his father’s murder and questions why he hid the truth. He tells them that he got scared but now I will tell the truth and I couldn’t accompany sir due to my wife’s I’ll heath and I don’t know that it will be last of our meet and they threatened me and send sir’s dead body with me to patrolling and Hawa Singh threatened to stop my wife’s treatment and don’t know for whom Hawa Singh worked. Meet Ahlawat supports Meet and tells her that Tej saw her Dad’s murder and there is a connection between your Dad’s murder and Tej missing.

Meet says Dad always treated you as a family member but you didn’t think about us for your family and you did wrong as you didn’t even think to tell us later also and you did a mistake by hiding the mistake of culprits. Mohan Lal says God gave me another chance to correct my mistakes. Meet asks him to support her to reopen the case. Mohan Lal agrees to be a witness to the case. Meet Ahlawat tells him that they will send a car to him in the next day.

Meet lost in herself thinking Mohan’s words. Meet Ahlawat notices it and he makes her mood better with his antics. He assures her that they will win the case and take her on a date. Meet tells him she will take him to date and tells him that she understands his intentions. They think to inform family members about Ashok’s murder.

Masoom asks Sunaina to give her more butter. Sunaina gives her. Masoom says hope I’m not stressing you as I have cravings. Sunaina tells she will prepare her everything. Masoom thinks to take revenge on her with work. Raj asks her about Tej. Sunaina tells him Tej went to Ram and Lakhan school as their guardian as school teachers want to know how he made them study. Masoom signs Duggu. Duggu apologies to Sunaina and calls her Mom. Sunaina feels happy. Masoom shows them Duggu prepared family tree accepting Tej and Sunaina as his parents. Raj smiles seeing it. Meet asks Duggu to share with her if he has any problems. Duggu goes to her. Masoom says he showed his feelings in the family tree but why do I feel you’re not happy with adoption. Meet says nothing in that way. Masoom says adoption will happen 2days.

Meet goes to attend the call. Ram asks Ragini to talk with Meet. Ragini agrees. Mohan Lal thanks Meet for making him ready to face the truth. Meet tells him that they will pick him up in an hour. She tells Meet that they have to reveal the truth to the family. Ragini asks which truth. Meet tells she will reveal in front of everyone. They go inside. Meet tells everyone that her Dad is murdered. Everyone gets shocked. Meet says Tej is the witness of my Dad’s murder and that’s why those people disappeared Tej Bhai. Hawa Singh is involved in this and I heard from him that he destroyed all pieces of evidence but now I got evidence to reopen this case. Ram feels tensed.

Episode ends.

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