Meet 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Police arrests Meet and Meet Ahlawat


Meet 23rd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet thinking she ate lots of Panipuri to make Mert have them and she thinks to know what’s Meet Ahlawat feels for her as she doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone. Ram and Lakhan come to her and they show their progress card. She scolds him for getting a low score then she apologies to them for venting her other frustration on them and she tells she will search good tutor for them. Ram asks why she is angry. Meet tells don’t know where Meet Ahlawat went in the morning without informing me. Ram tells they saw him in their area. Meet thinks hope he doesn’t go to tell Mom about our issue. Meet Ahlawat and Deepu traps Lalaji in their plan. Anubha sees them and thinks why he called her to this place. Lalaji tells he is poor and living with the money from his wife’s family.

Meet Ahlawat tells he is living with his wife’s money but he has the right to say that son in law can’t become a son, is it true. Everyone says no. Meet asks won’t son in law take care of his Sasural becoming son. Everyone says he has to take care of it. Lalaji apologises realising his mistake. Meet comes there. Meet Ahlawat tells Anubha that Meet is taking care of my family, won’t I have the right to share the responsibility of my wife? I care for Meet happiness so accept me as your son to take of these responsibilities and I’m promising that I won’t leave you alone. Anubha says I know and I always considered you as my son, but. Meet comes there hugs Anubha then she takes Meet Ahlawat with her telling her she needs to ask him something.

Meet takes Meet Ahlawat near the lake and you said I’m your wife and couple needs to share responsibilities and why you keep lying and she asks him to answer her. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t tell and runs from there. Meet chases Meet Ahlawat and asks him to tell the truth. Meet Ahlawat says you’re my wife and the kids can’t change anything between them. Meet says everything is changed as a kiss is a mistake for you and it means you didn’t consider me as your wife. Meet Ahlawat says you misunderstood my words so listen to me you’re my wife and I like you so much and I mentioned it’s a mistake as I kissed without your consent and permission so I thought you’re angry. Meet says you’re Buddhu ram who didn’t understand anything and she hugs him. Both feel happy. Meet Ahlawat asks why can’t she make her understand. Meet says you ran away. Meet Ahlawat says it’s Hoshiyar’s advice and tells her how bad he felt when she didn’t talk to him and he tells he has to make Anubha agree. Meet says she won’t agree in this way.

Meet Ahlawat tells they can avoid the confusion sharing another kiss. Meet looks stunned. Meet Ahlawat comes to her cleans ice cream from her lips. They spend their time near Lake. He asks her to become his girlfriend. She tells she is not like other girls and you have to spend more. Meet Ahlawat tells he can as his heart is big. Meet agrees to become his girlfriend. Meet Ahlawat lifts her in his arms. Police caught them in a sack thinking of them as lovers who are doing wrong work. Meet and Meet tell the inspector that he is misunderstanding them. Inspector hurts constable and asks him to call families of girls. Meet ties handkerchief to his wound and questions how can he do it with innocent people and why you’re calling girls families when you caught both of them and it’s not Besharam act like you’re mentioned. Inspector asks Meet from where he brought her. Meet says she is my wife so talk in respect Otherwise. Inspector raises his lotty to hit him but Meet stops him.

Episode ends.

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