Meet 5th October 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat accuses Meet


Meet 5th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Barfi thinking surely that person knows about Deep’s death. Otherwise all these things wouldn’t have happened. She says if that’s Masoom who’s doing all this. She says if Masoom is planning something against Neelam. Meet Ahlawat waits for the person to pick the letter but noone comes. He wonders if that person didnt receive his text. Barfi gets into thinking and notices a person in hoodie going towards her room. Barfi picks a stick and follows that person. Meet says she cunningly hid Barfi’s phone in rice drum and picked the letter without Meet Ahlawat’s knowledge. She picks the baby and the toy falls down. She stops playing it and goes out to read the letter.

Barfi enters her room and thinks her daughter’s happiness is everything for her. She can even kill someone to make Neelam happy. She keeps hand on the girl’s shoulder and Neelam turns back. Barfi gets shocked seeing her in short dress. Neelam reads a letter which she wrote for Isha. She says Isha’s life is ruined after marriage. She says now she is in mood to teach a lesson to Isha which she will do at any cost. Barfi slaps her and tries to stop her from telling the truth to Isha. Neelam says she wants to see Isha in white saree. She says she is not Neelam but Laila. Laila doesn’t take orders. Barfi pushes her away but the latter hits her head. Barfi almost faints.

Meet reads the letter that Barfi’s phone is near you. She sees Meet Ahlawat and gets shocked. He asks her it means she is behind it. She wants to know the secret. Meet says she wanted to know why he married Neelam. He lies because he spent a night with her. That’s the truth so he married her. Meet says she can’t believe that. He is lying. He has to tell her the real reason. He angrily says it means her aim is not to unite him and Raj but she wanted to know the secret from him. She is selfish from day one. She says if thinking good for your family is bad then she is okay with it. She wants to resolve all the issues so she vows to learn the real reason behind Meet and Neelam’s marriage. Meet Ahlawat takes away the baby from her. He says he and Meet can never get united. She says she didn’t do all this to get him. He says he accepts this challenge and she will never get to know the truth. He leaves.

Meet holds the baby and Meet Ahlawat refuses to go with her or even hold the baby. She says he promised her they both will look after the baby and then they will find her parents but due to personal issues he is running away from his responsibilities. Meet Ahlawat says he doesn’t care and he will not listen to her. He leaves and stands near the door. Meet says she doesn’t know this Meet Ahlawat. He has changed and he doesn’t need to do anything for the baby but she will take care of her from now on. She won’t plead him. He thinks today he will spend all the time for his friend Deep. He will perform the puja for him so he can’t give this time to anyone else for today.

Episode ends

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