Meet Upcoming Story: Manmeet makes a promise to Raj!

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Zee TV’s popular show Meet stars Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey in lead roles. Meet Hooda is a strong-willed young girl from Haryana whose story is told on the show. Currently the show is gearing up for major twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Manmeet approaches Sarkar and begs his pardon. Mahendra is critical of him. Manmeet claims that he had to safeguard Meet’s pride in order to protect Yashoda. Manmeet claims he is willing to accept any punishment. He is looking for an opportunity to kick Meet out of the home.

He says he’ll contact Raj and ask him to get Meet out of there. Sarkar informs Mahendra that he will not speak to Manmeet until Meet is kicked out of Sarkar Mahal.

Manmeet dials Raj’s number. He expresses a desire to speak with him. Raj requests that Manmeet meet him somewhere. Shagun is delighted to hear the discussion. Meet is approaching Yashoda.

Meet has announced that she will be leaving Sarkar Mahal permanently tomorrow. Yashoda is taken aback and asks Meet why she wishes to depart. Anuja requests that Meet not depart.

Meet explains she has to leave for the sake of Manmeet. Yashoda sobs and wishes she could halt her. Meet states that the more she gets to know Manmeet, the more she falls for him; she really likes him. She wonders if Manmeet will miss her after she departs. He says he will mourn her company. Meet, says I as well. She believes they would be the best of companions.

Manmeet sips lassi and walks away. Meer sips the remaining lassi from the same tumbler. Manmeet receives some documents. He confesses to God that he messed up with Raj, Babita, and Meet. Raj is involved in a mishap. Manmeet arrives on the scene of the mishap and notices Raj. Raj, Babita’s photo frame breaks and crashes to the floor.

In the upcoming episode, Meet gets ready to leave the house. Raj asks Manmeet to promise him that he won’t inform Meet about him and won’t leave her until the correct person arrived in her life. Manmeet gives him the promise.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meet on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.

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