Meet Upcoming Story: Sumeet gets kidnapped instead of Cheeku!

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Zee TV entertainment’s show Meet is here again at an interesting turn as we will Mahendra kidnapping Sumeet instead of Cheeku because of them exchanging their costumes. What will happen next?

In the previous episode Meet explained to Manmeet that Cheeku’s watch was connected with hers. Manmeet narrated jungle story. All the children danced together and enjoy the party. Gunwanti got frustrated as their plan failed.

Gunwanti dressed as lion mingled among kids dancing. Meet showed Manmeet how they can see Cheeku’s location on the phone because of his smart watch. Kanika called and told Mahendra if he didn’t send Cheeku in five minutes he will have to face the consequences. Cheeku went to drink juice and Mahendra kidnapped him.

Mahendra and Gunwanti hand over Cheeku to Kanika’s goons. Gunwanti happily went to give gift to Sumeet.
Gunwanti asked why Sumeet is not taking the gift and removed her costume head. She got shocked to see Cheeku in costume of Sumeet. Kidnappers also get shocked seeing Sumeet instead of Cheeku and Kanika hid quickly.

Sumeet asked if they were looking for her Cheeku bhaiya and now she will teach them a lesson. Meet asked Cheeku if he had exchanged costumes with Sumeet, he agreed.

Everyone looked around for Sumeet and Meet panicked about her safety. In the upcoming episodes we will see how Sumeet and Cheeku had exchanged their costumes.

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