Mera Balam Thanedar Upcoming Story: Veer is stubborn

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Mera balam Thanedar is the newly launched of Colors TV. This story is about Inspector Veer, who hates lies married to an underaged Bulbul. How will Veer tackle the situation when he find out the truth about Bulbul?

In the recent episode we saw; Bulbul sings for Veer and get close with him. He is surprised by her act. She assures him to reveal the truth on her birthday. Later, Sulakshana avoids Bulbul. Bulbul impressed Varmika’s friends. Drishti provoked Sulakshana against Bulbul.

Veer forced Bulbul to join in her college. She feels disappointed. She hides the file. Veer ruined her plan. He asks her to write the entrance exam. She ruined the exam. But she helped a student by explaining the scheme .

The principal give an admission to her. He motivates her to study well. Bulbul asks him if she can do it? He tells her that she can do anything if she gives her 100% to it. Bulbul assures him to study well for him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Veer will give sweets to Sulakshana. Sulakshana asks him if he got the promotion? He tells her that it’s a good news than that. Bulbul got admission in Varmika’s college. Sulakshana refuses to give permission to her. Veer says that he will decide it because she is his responsibility.

What will happen next? Will Drishti call off her wedding to pursue her dream?

Will Veer marry Bulbul unaware of the truth?

The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tuned with our space for more updates.

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