Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st February 2023 Written Update: Chanchal’s suggestion to Gaura


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gaura performs in Chanchal’s haldi ceremony. She dreams about her marriage day. Later, she informs Chanchal that her marriage also got fixed with a rich handsome guy. Chanchal gets jelous. She asks Gaura to meet her would be husband in order to make sure everything is fine. Gaura requests Chanchal to accompany her for the same. Chanchal agrees. Kanchan faints seeing Som, Twinkle holding hands. Som holds her. Rekha asks Som to make Kanchan smell shoe. Som goes to do the same but Ganga stops him.

Twinkle’s parents get confused. Rekha says that Kanchan always takes stress about the responsibilities of her parental and in laws house. She shows fake care for Kanchan. Twinkle’s mother praises the bond of Rekha and Kanchan. Rekha agreesively splash water on Kanchan. Twinkle rubs Kanchan’s palm following her mom’s instructions. Kanchan gains consciousness. Ganga praises Twinkle and blesses her. Som informs everyone that he has chosen Twinkle and wants to marry her. He asks Ganga, Kanchan if they liked Twinkle. Ganga, Kanchan keep quiet.

Twinkle’s mother says her husband that Ganga, Kanchan may not liked Twinkle. Som admits his mistake as he didn’t take Ganga and Kanchan’s permission before saying yes to Twinkle. Rekha tells Som that Ganga can never say no to his choice. She adds that the day Ganga will say no to Som’s choice that day will be last day of Ganga. Ganga says that she likes Twinkle it’s just that they were tired. Som rejoices. Rekha celebrates the good news. She makes Twinkle and her mother do arti of Ganga, Kanchan and Rahul. She recalls how Ganga and Kanchan never let her do Som’s arti. She hopes to do arti of Ganga and Kanchan’s photograph with Twinkle very soon.

Gaura’s father sees Laxmi counting money and gets confused. Laxmi tells her everything. Gaura’s father thinks that Laxmi is selling Gaura in the name of marriage. He takes away the money from Laxmi. He fumes in anger saying that Gaura will get married wishfully otherwise he will take care of his daughter whole life. Twinkle’s parents say that they should do the further rituals soon. Rekha agrees. Twinkle’s parents leave. Kanchan gears up to leave. Som asks her if she is not happy. Kanchan tries to make Som emotional for not telling her about Twinkle in advance. Ganga supports Kanchan.

Som asks what he should do now. Kanchan asks if she doesn’t like Twinkle will Som break the alliance. Rekha says that Som has no fault in all these, everything happened in hurry. Kanchan says that she wants her answer from Som only. Som says that he will leave Twinkle if Kanchan or Ganga doesn’t like her. Rekha claps for Som and praises him and his upbringing by her. She criticizes Kanchan. Som defends Kanchan. Rekha goes to call Twinkle’s mother. Kanchan stops her saying that she just wanted to know Som’s opinion but never said that she didn’t like Twinkle. Som becomes happy. Rekha praises the bond Som and Kanchan share.

Precap – Rekha says that her wish will surely get fulfilled. She again sees black shadow and thinks that Yamdut has come to pick up Ganga. She requests Yamdut to wait till Som and Twinkle’s wedding. She wishes that Ganga doesn’t get see the morning after Som and Twinkle’s first night.

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