Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Gaura turns fearful


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

In the first episode, A mother brings her daughter under a haunted tree and scares her as they could not get the ancestral property due to the birth of a girl child. She hopes that her daughter may get abducted by Champak churel. The girl gets scared and screams taking her father’s name. Gaura’s nightmare comes to a end as she wakes up being scared. She urgently needs to go to pee. She asks her brother Prince to accompany her but Prince denies. Gaura comes outside alone. She gets scared seeing the atmosphere there as her home is beside a cementry. Prince comes outside and scares Gaura more.

Gaura decides to pee in mid way. Prince scares her again. Gaura runs away. Somnath gets into an argument with MLA’s son who beats his girlfriend. He advices his girlfriend and drops her home. Choti Malkin Rekha looks at photos of girls. Pandit ji comes to meet her. He sees that Rekha’s leg is fractured and calls it bad omen. He asks how this happened. She says that she went to serve tea to her mother in law who tripped her. She says that she didn’t like any of the girls’ pictures. Rekha’s mother in law Ganga comes in and says that she will choose girl for Som.

They do an emotional drama seeing Som coming. Som says that he will marry someone whom her grandmother will choose for him. Rekha doesn’t like it but acts nice. Som leaves for his shop. Rekha learns that Ganga is bringing new alliance of Som. Rekha decides to teach lesson to her mother in law Ganga. Gaura cleans the the place where she pee last night. Her mother scolds her and asks her to do house hold crores. Her father comes and defends Gaura.

He asks her to accompany him fo his work. Her father says that he wants to get her married soon. Gaura tries to object but gets scared seeing the cemetery. She agrees for marriage. Gaura helps a lady in market and she blesses Gaura to have a husband like Shiv ji. Som comes there riding on his bike wearing Shiv Ji’s costume. Gaura’s father makes her meet her prospective groom and ask them talk. They start talking. Gaura gets scared learning that the guy’s work is related to cementry.

Gaura tells her father that she will not marry this guy. She again gets scared with a last rites. She collides with Som’s bike. Som doesn’t see her face. He wishes to drop her home but Gaura doesn’t react. Som gives her money to take auto and leaves. Rekha comes there on wheel chair. Gaura collides with her and drops her puja ki thal. Gaura apologies to her and gives her the money. Rekha gets angry and slaps Gaura. Gaura recalls her mother’s words about Champak Churel and gets scared. The episode ends.

Precap – Pandit ji tells Rekha that she will not live long. Rekha wishes to bring daughter in law of her choice before death. Her sister in law advices Ganga to not let Rekha bring Som’s wife in order to maintain her influence in the house. Gaura tells that her husband will be good and her mother in law will love her a lot.