Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 25th January 2023 Written Update: Gaura again gets scared seeing Rekha


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 25th January 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Pandit ji gets Rekha’s call and gets restless. He spots MLA’s daughter twinkle. Her mother prays for her marriage. Pandit ji approaches her and gives her Som’s marriage proposal. Pandit Ji’s assistant informs him that Twinkle ran away twice from home and twice from her marriage venue. Pandit calls Rekha and informs her about Twinkle. Rekha gets super excited. Som asks her if she is fine and asks her to take medicine on time. Rekha talks about his marriage.

Som says that Ganga will find a suitable girl for him. Som’s father supports him. Som says that he will marry someone whom he will like and the girl should not be just beautiful but educated and matured. He suggests Rekha to help Ganga to choose the right girl for him. At night Gaura sees a crow outside window and feels that it’s her late uncle who told that he will never forget her even after his death. She gets scared. Pandit ji shows Twinkle’s photograph to Rekha. Rekha learns that Twinkle is MLA’s daughter and she knows her mother personally as they visit the same parlour to do their eyebrows.

Rekha becomes excited. Pandit asks her to be careful so that Ganga doesn’t know about this alliance. Rekha slaps him. Ganga comes there with Kanchan. Rekha changes topic and tries to send them to fair. Ganga orders Rekha to accompany them. Gaura, Chanchal visit the fair. Gaura gets scared seeing crow again. Som accompanies Rekha, Ganga and Kanchan in the fair. Rekha tells Som that she has chosen a girl for him. She asks him to see the girl’s photograph and not let Ganga, Kanchan know about it.

Rekha tries to show him the photograph. Before Som sees it Ganga, Kanchan call him. Gaura’s brother Prince tries to fool a foreigner and loot him. Som sees it. He guides the foreigner well. He slaps Prince and tries to put some senses in him. Chanchal sees that someone is beating Prince and makes Gaura aware of it. Rekha talks to Twinkle’s mother over phone and says that she will send her an adress where they can meet to talk about the alliance. Rekha makes up her mind that she will get Som married to Twinkle by hook or by crook.

Gaura heads towards Som and Prince but gets scared seeing crow again. She starts running and collides with Rekha again. She recalls their first meeting and calls Rekha Champak Churel. Kanchan sees it and thinks that the girl has identified Rekha well. She thinks that Som should get married to a girl like her. Gaura begs before Rekha to leave her. Kanchan laughs on Rekha as Gaura has called her Churel. Gaura starts running again. Som takes puja ingredients from a shop and tries to leave. The episode ends.

Precap – Gaura helps Ganga in the fair by removing pin from her foot. Ganga gives blessings to Gaura. Gaura says that she really needs blessings to get rid of Champak Churel. Rekha meets Twinkle and her mother. Rekha likes Twinkle. Gaura runs being scared. She collides with Som and hugs him.

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