Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28th February 2023 Written Update: Kanchan flops Rekha’s plan


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 28th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gaura’s family welcomes the barat. Ganga instructs Kanchan to not keep Som away from her sight for a second. Kanchan says that she won’t leave Som today. Ganga asks Som to dance with her. Atrangi gets scared. Later, Kanchan sees Atrangi’s reflection on the water and gets stunned. She informs Ganga that the person who is sitting there as groom is not Som. Ganga gears up to beat the groom. Kanchan stop her to avoid humiliation. Ganga blames Rekha for everything. They say the bride aka Gaura coming. Ganga says that they have to stop the marriage now. She orders to stop the garlanding process of bride and groom. She says there will be another ritual before that which will be performed by Kanchan.

Kanchan asks groom to accompany her for the ritual. Later she confronts Atrangi and says that she will send him behind the bars. Atrangi fools Kanchan and runs away from there. Chandu convinces and assigns a task to Halchal. Rahul searches for Twinkle. Kanchan runs behind Atrangi, Rahul runs behind Kanchan. They catch Atrangi and lock him inside the room. Kanchan informs Rahul about Rekha’s plan. Rahul says Gaura should marry Som so that he can marry Twinkle. Kanchan says that she also wants Twinkle as daughter in law. Rahul becomes happy. She asks him to search Som and bring him at mandap. Rekha finds Atrangi’s sehra and gets worried. Kanchan confronts her. Rekha acts clueless.

Kanchan asks Som to accompany her and takes him away. Rekha gets upset. Atrangi unties himself and manages to escape. Gaura and her family gets worried. Kanchan brings Som. Ganga asks to start the garlanding process. Som, Gaura make each other wear the garlands. Gaura thinks Rekha must be still upset as she is missing there. Atrangi calls Rekha and says that he is hiding as Kanchan caught him. He says that he won’t come back again. Rekha wonders what to do now, she feels helpless.

Rekha sees Rahul and learns about his intention regarding Twinkle. He meets Rahul and talks about his marriage, his love for Twinkle. She says that she will get Twinkle married to Rahul and make her daughter in law like this. Rahul becomes happy and hugs her. Rekha thinks that she will get Gaura married to Rahul. Gaura goes to get ready for pheras. Rekha comes there and congratulates Ganga for the marriage. She asks her if Som has taken his ancestors’ blessings before pheras.

Ganga says no. Rekha suggests to make Som walk around the banyan tree in order to get the blessings. Pandit supports her statement. Rekha wishes to accompany Som. Ganga thinks that they have to be alert. Kanchan says that she will join them. Ganga says that she will accompany Rekha and Som. Som completes the rituals. Black shadows are there on the tree.

Kanchan goes to check removing the sehra. Pandit stops her and says that sehra should not be removed till the marriage is done. Rekha tells pandit that Kanchan doubts a lot. Pandit asks Som to walk around the tree. Som goes behind the tree. Flashback shows that Rekha has asked Halchal to send Rahul in Som’s place as soon as he goes behind the tree. The episode ends.

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