Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 9th February 2023 Written Update: Rekha assigns a task to Brijju


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 9th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Twinkle starts throwing the objects. Som asks her to control herself. Twinkle says that there are many toys available in the market why he played with her heart. She cries. Som hugs and says that he will drop her at home. Prince and Radhe tell that they will go with Gaura to her in laws house. Laxmi and Harish wait for any news from Gaura’s in law’s house. They get a call and learn that tomorrow there will be engagement. Gaura becomes happy. She decides to bring a good saree from Chanchal to wear tomorrow.

Rekha tries to stand on her feet but fails. She prays for her speedy recovery and Ganga’s death. She says if she doesn’t get daughter in law of her choice she can’t be at peace and her ghost will keep haunting the house. She looks at her fractured leg and thinks about taking advantage of it. Som remembers Twinkle and cries. He smokes a lot. Twinkle calls him. Som wonders why can’t Twinkle understand his situation. Ganga, Kanchan come to his room and see smoke is filled in whole room. Kanchan asks Som to move on.

Ganga says that Som’s would be wife will come tomorrow and asks Som to make her wear ring. Som asks why so hurry. Kanchan lies that Ganga has hole in heart so she has less time left in hand. Rekha hears it and becomes happy. She gets excited seeing the messenger of death again and requests him to pick Ganga today itself. Som gets worried and says that he will do what Ganga wants. They share a hug. Som says that he will take Ganga to best doctor.

Kanchan says that the best doctor of Banaras is already seeing her and that Ganga has just four to six months left in hand. Ganga tells Som that she wants to see Som wife’s face before death. Som says he will go and meet the girl immediately. Kanchan says that the girl and her family are coming there. Som wishes to finalize everything today. Rekha gets an idea. She talks to their driver. She uses her intelligence and collects informations about Gaura, her family and their adress.

She gives the driver spiked prasad. He feels dizzy and falls on the ground. Rekha goes to meet Brijju, her brother like from village. She gives him task of kidnapping Gaura. Kanchan talks to the driver and understands that Rekha took Gaura’s informations from him by spiking prasad. Brijju asks Rekha why she wants him to kidnap a girl. Rekha says that girl is behind Som and she just wants to teach her a lesson.

Brijju understands Rekha’s concern and says he will kidnap and kill that girl. Rekha asks him to just scare the girl so that she steps back from Som’s life. She asks him to meet her by the river bank. Gaura gets ready for her engagement. She talks to Som’s sunglass. She says that she can’t wait for their marriage and confess her feelings to him post marriage. Kanchan tells Rahul about Rekha and that they have to stop Rekha. She shares her plan with him. The episode ends.

Precap – Gaura prays for her safety till the marriage. Rekha reaches Gaura’s place with full determination that she won’t let this marriage happen. Due to strong wind, vermillion falls on Rekha’s face and her face gets covered with vermillion fully. Gaura gets scared seeing her and calls her Champak Churel again.

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