Meri Saas Bhoot Hai Upcoming Story: Rekha will steal Gaura’s clothes!


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Star Bharat’s recently launched show Meri Saas Bhoot Hai is a horror comedy show which revolves around Gaura and her mother in law Rekha. As Som and Gaura are married and Rekha has already become a ghost post her sudden death it will be interesting to see the equation of a ghost mother in law and human daughter in law.

In the previous episode, Kanchan suggests having Holi festivities at their home. Ganga reprimands her. Kanchan requests permission to use Rekha’s room since she is no longer there. Ganga reprimands her by bringing up Ramesh.

Gaura informs Chanchal that Rekha is also present. Gaura is informed by Pardesi that Som always puts colours on Rekha first each year. There, Som arrives with Rekha’s asthi. Gaura is not permitted to approach it.

Pandit requests that Rekha’s family retain her asthi at the house for ten days before throwing it in the river. He claims that Rekha’s ghost will remain in the home for the following 10 days before departing. Rekha claims that until her goal is reached, her spirit won’t leave.

Rekha is chosen once more by the Yamduts. Both are asked to wait longer by Rekha. Rekha wishes Gaura a happy Holi and decorates her. Som is persuaded by the Pandit to seat next to Gaura for a ritual call. Gaura enters the room in that condition. Following Rekha, Gaura declares bura na mano Holi hai.

Guests criticize her. Gaura is slammed by Som, who declares to not seat next to her. Gaura claims she didn’t paint herself with colours. She readies herself to reveal Rekha’s name. Gaura is tripped by Rekha. By accident, Gaura drops Rekha’s asthi.

In the upcoming episode, To take a bath, Gaura walks to the bathroom. Gaura doesn’t need garments, according to Rekha, who then takes them.

Gaura alerts Kanchan to Rekha’s theft of her clothing. Ganga is informed by Kanchan that Rekha’s ghost is roaming around the home after she passed away. Ganga is startled.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meri Saas Bhoot Hai on Star Bharat/Hotstar and this space.