Mithai 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Pramod declares that everyone has to attend Karishma’s engagement

Mithai 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abha apologizing to Agarwal for what Sid did. Agarwal says if this kind of thing repeats then they will leave this match. Abha invites them inside. Harimohan says to Sid by controlling your anger you learned your first life lesson.

Mithai is shown to be taking orders in the shop. Mithai sees that Sid brought a gift for her. Mithai opens it and sees that and it is a new weighing machine. Sid says with this she will know her proper weight. Mithai checks it and feels happy. Mithai sees that Sid is thinking about something. Mithai asks what is he thinking about. Sid says he doesn’t understand what is the motive behind Aditya and Karishma’s marriage. Mithai says she is also not getting the motive behind this marriage but there is no need to worry everyone makes mistakes. Mithai asks if he is having a headache. Sid says he didn’t eat breakfast that’s why.

Mithai offers him a plate of Aloo jalebi to eat. Sid says you know I don’t eat sweets. Mithai asks why, is it because it reminds you of your mom. She says there is nothing wrong with reminding him of his mom. She says his mom will also feel happy that you are remembering her. Sid gets convinced and tries Aloo jalebi. Sid says they are nice. Mithai offers him more and he takes the plate. Mithai sees that he has a little sweet on his lips and helps him wipe it.

Pradeep Sharma from Rajkamal hotels comes to talk to Mithai about a deal. He tells Mithai that they want to have traditional sweets in their hotels. He asks if they could supply them. Mithai agrees to the deal. Pradeep Sharma says first he would like to taste a few of their sweets. Mithai agrees and offers him their sweets. He praises their sweets and says he is going to recommend them to their owner. Sid says this is a big deal for you. Rajkamal is a big brand in nearby areas our meetings also used to be held there. Mithai says this success is not just mine it’s ours.

Pramod talks to someone on the phone. Abha asks what happened. Pramod says Rajkamal hotels canceled our deal they are tying up with some big sweets shop. We didn’t and Agarwal also did not get their deal. Abha asks then who took this deal. Mithai calls for Dadu and Dadi. Mithai says Rajkamal hotel gave us a sample order and if they are sold well then they will give us a year long contract to us. Pramod gets shocked hearing it. Girish congratulates them. Sid says thanks. Pramod and Abha talk about it. Sid and Mithai go to take Gopal ji’s blessings.

Girish asks Harimohan if Sid will ever accept him. Harimohan says Sid is taking baby steps to change and he will definitely accept you. Girish says he understands now why Sid loves Harimohan more than him. Sid prays to Gopal ji to make Mithai’s wishes come true.

Pramod talks to Agarwal about Mithai’s deal with Rajkamal hotel. Agarwal asks when is the first delivery. Pramod says after two days. Agarwal says to Pramod to tell Harimohan that after two days there is going to be an engagement of Aditya and Karishma. Then all the family will be busy in the engagement. Then Mithai has to do it all alone.

Pramod says if she couldn’t supply them sweets then Rajakamal hotels will not have a choice but to come for us with a contract. Pramod says he will tell them and walks away. Aditya asks Agarwal you told me this marriage is just a drama and now you are saying engagement. Agarwal says this engagement is just a drama. Aditya says this is going too far even if it is drama. Agarwal says there is no need to worry there are a lot of rituals in Indian tradition and we will get a lot of chances to show them how low they are.

Harimohan says there is only one day time how can we manage this. Abha reminds Harimohan he made Mithai’s marriage in two hours and Keerti’s marriage in a day. Sid says but tomorrow is Mithai’s big order we will all be busy with it. Pramod taunts him and says the engagement responsibility is his and he says everyone has to be in Karishma’s marriage.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Karishma’s mother greeting Mr Agarwal and his family. Karishma’s mother says that everything will happen as per Babuji’s wish just how Siddharth and Ritika got married. Fufaji gives the responsibility of event management to Siddharth saying he will get paid 10% extra for his work. Siddharth says he will manage the event happily for his sister Karishma. Mithai makes an excuse that she wants Siddharth’s help to bring down some stuff in the kitchen. Siddharth goes to the kitchen.

Mithai reveals it was an excuse so that she can tell him what she is feeling. She says Mr Agarwal and his son have some other hidden motive and their facial expressions were weird as if they want this marriage for their own benefit. Siddharth says then Karishma’s father should understand that. What they can do about it? He is so eager to get Karishma married to Aditya. Mithai says but they have to find out Mr Agarwal’s real intentions. But for that Siddharth has to control his temper. Mithai suddenly touches the hot pot on the oven. Her hand gets burnt and Siddharth gets worried for her.

Siddharth scolds her for her carelessness. He takes out ice cubes from the fridge and applies it on her hand. They share a moment and Mithai says she is okay. Karishma’s mother asks Girish to serve food to Agarwals. Girish refuses saying its matter of his respect. Karishma’s mother says theres nothing wrong in it, Fufaji says he also did many things which doesn’t suit his status but he didn’t find any work as disrespectful then why can’t Girish serve food to guests? They are not asking him to wash Aditya’s feet. Dadi says she will manage to that

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