Mithai 26th August 2022 Written Update: Mithai switches the papers


Mithai 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pramod trying to stop Geethika. Geethika asks him to break this relationship and tells Pramod that she can’t lie to her family that “Karishma’s marriage is just a show and Aditya is not even going to come to the Mandap and you are doing this because you want the entire property to be in your hands”. Mithai and Sid hear everything what Geethika said from the Pooja room. Pramod says he will not break relationship with her but he will break his bond with life. Pramod threatens Geethika that he will suicide if she told anyone that tomorrow Agarwal is going to kidnap his own son.

Pramod says she can tell everyone if she wants. Geethika comes to Gopal Ji and falls to her knees. Mithai consoles Geethika saying that Gopal ji has heard everything and Gopal ji is going to the bring the truth infront of everyone.

Abha and Abhishek pray for Geethika infront of Gopal ji. Geethika feels guilty at a side. Abha comes and asks what is she doing here looking sad. Geethika says there is nothing. Abha talks to Harimohan and Chandrakantha saying with their blessings that Karishma’s marriage is happening today.

Aditya and Agarwal talk about the kidnapping plan. Agarwal says he is going to Chobe’s house in half an hour and says he needs to get a call that he is kidnapped. Mithai prays to Gopal ji that he should bring the truth infront of everyone.

Aditya gets in the kidnappers van himself. Sid and Shubham reveal their faces in the van and show Aditya that he is really kidnapped by them. Shubham holds Aditya at gun point and Sid says now you are not going to marry Karishma but your father is going to be forced to reveal the truth.

Geethika says to Mithai that Pramod is taking the papers for Abha to sign on them we must not let it happen. Mithai says she will never let anything bad happen in this house.

Mithai acts as she accidentally runs into Pramod with a flowers tray. Pramod says to Mithai to look where she is going. Mithai gives the papers to him and asks what is this. Pramod says it’s nothing and walks upstairs. Geethika comes and asks Mithai that Pramod is taking the papers to Abha. Mithai shows the Geethika that she switched the papers and says after Abha signs the documents then everything will be on Dadu’s name. Mithai asks Geethika for help. Geethika agrees.

Aditya asks Shubham and Sid where did they brought him. Shubham says this is the place that your father decided to bring you after you are kidnapped and now your father is going to apologise to us and your reputation will go down the drain not ours. Aditya takes Karishma’s name. Sid says to not take her name or he will kill him.

Pramod asks Abha that she has to sign on some papers. Abha says there is a lot of work and asks if it is necessary to sign today. Pramod says he has file it today and if you sign this only then we can be equal partners and asks Abha to sign. Abha asks for pen. Geethika comes and asks Abha to sign also. Pramod thinks Geethika came to her side and talks to her. Abha signs on the papers. Geethika takes the papers from his hands and also asks him to sign on the papers. Pramod signs on the papers. Geethika takes the papers and asks Mithai to take these papers to the register office and get them stamped.

Pramod comes and asks Geethika why did she give the papers to Mithai. Geethika takes Pramod to a side and says if we are not here in the marriage then someone might suspect us and what will Mithai understand she is an illiterate. If she is here she will create a mess and it’s better to make her do our work. Pramod agrees and praises her. Mithai says thanks to Pramod and says there is a big surprise for him and asks if she should tell about it now or not. Geethika tells Mithai to say it.

Mithai tells Pramod that she changed the papers and according to these documents all the property and business will be on Harimohan’s name. Pramod tries to take the papers but Geethika stops him. Mithai says Geethika all the best and goes to the register office. Geethika threatens Pramod saying if he tried to stop Mithai then she will show the papers that he brought to Abha. Pramod says “you might have tied my hands but there is an accomplice with me and he will take care of Mithai”. Pramod calls his accomplice and says Mithai has left the house and she should not reach the register office. Geethika tries to stop him from calling to no avail.

Abha brings Karishma downstairs. Chandrakantha and Harimohan says she looks beautiful. Agarwal acts as if his son is kidnapped infront of Chobe Family. The goons that he hired to kidnap his son come to the Chobe house. The Goons tell Agarwal what happened. Sid calls Agarwal and says they kidnapped Aditya and forces Agarwal to reveal his truth infront of Chobe family. Shubham holds Aditya at gun point and starts counting. Agarwal agrees to tell the truth. Agarwal reveals the truth to Chobe family saying Aditya did not want to marry Karishma. All this is just a show which I planned with your son in law Pramod.

Episode ends.

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