Mithai 4th April 2022 Written Update: Bura proposes the marriage of him and Mithai to Indu


Mithai 4th April 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts in Madhura. Mithai dreams of selling sweets with her father in their shop. Mithai and her father talk about Madhura’s sweet competition. Her father says she will definitely win the competition. Mithai rolls off the bed and falls down. Her mother comes and laughs at her as she says it’s every day occurrence. Mithai sees that the time is 7:30 and she has a lot of work to do. Mithai starts making Aloo jalebi to sell and get ready for the competition. Indu gets ready for Pooja and tells Mithai to bring offerings for Gopal Ji. Indu and Mitahi talk about that she is not interested in marriage and she wants to do business. She says she is also taking part in the Madhura Sweeet competition and with the money she is going to win she is going to release her father’s shop and start a big business. Mithai leaves with giving her mother jilabi. Indu asks God to take care of her.

Harimohan sweeps the house. Pramod and his wife come to take his blessings. When they keep talking then come their sweets for the Sweets competition. From Harimohan Mithai shop. Mithai gets ready to go to the Madhura Sweet competition. Indu says to take care of Holi colors but Mithai says she enjoys those. Mithai goes to the temple to offer jalebi to God. She prays that she wins today’s competition. She goes to her shop and asks for her father’s blessing and thinks of releasing her shop from the mortgage. Mithai goes to train station. There Bura and her friend see her from distance. His friend advices him to say his feelings for her.

Bura says if she understands it’s good if she doesn’t he says he makes her understand. Bura goes to Mithai and says he will do anything for her. Mithai says to sit here and pray for her that she will win today’s sweet competition. Bura thinks he will not pray to God as her shop in his father’s mortgage is the Trump card for him against her. Bura goes to Indu and makes an offer to her that if she agrees to marriage between him and Mithai then he will place the shop keys in her hands. Indu says the talk of marriage is made between adults, not like this. Bura says then her mother will come tomorrow with a marriage proposal and tells her to prepare Shagun and leaves.

Indu looks at a necklace at thinks of Aarthi her best friend. At the time Aarthi asks for Mithai’s hand for Siddhartha when they were children. Aarthi gives that necklace for Mithai at that time. She thinks Bura is a son of rich father but he is not right for her Mithai and thinks if Siddhartha is right for her Mithai and prays for God. Siddhartha is seen holding her mother’s photo and crying to himself. Gireesh brings his father and shows what Siddhartha is doing. Gireesh says today is a Sunday holiday and even today he couldn’t come to the competition to support his dad. He knows how hard he works for this competition and only then today Harimohan sweets is in the top 3 in Madhura. Siddhartha says when he is 9 years old his mother died from then on this person didn’t bring him father’s feeling so don’t ask him to put any expectations on me. Gireesh walks away. Harimohan talks with Siddhartha and says I know you are angry with your father and you love your mother very much but when you think family you should think as a family member not as an individual Harimohan asks him will he come to today’s competetion.

Siddhartha hugs him and says has he ever said no to him. Siddhartha goes to take the car keys. Mithai is shown to be selling Aloo jelabi on the streets. Harimohan family gets ready for Lord Gopal’s Pooja and place thier best sweets that they are to place for the competition they are also place it as offering to Lord Gopal. Mithai asks a passer by for directions. In Harimohan family when they try to get ready Lord Gopal ji it doesn’t set. Dadi complaints about it to Harimohan. Harimohan says we should put our traditional sweets as offering to Lord Gopal ji. Gireesh says those are our best selling sweets. Harimohan says but there is no taste to them as traditional sweets. Gireesh says we couldn’t reach this level by selling traditional sweets. Harimohan goes to Pooja room and hears Mithai selling Aloo jelabi he goes to her smells them and tells her to bring Aloo jelabi into the house. Mithai thinks this is a big house. Gireesh looks at Mithai.

Episode ends.