Mithai 9th August 2022 Written Update: Girish accepts Agarwal marriage proposal


Mithai 9th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid saying to Mithai that they can’t compete with them. Girish says to Dadu, I accept your challenge and promise you that I will make you close this shop in the next 30 days or you will make it in my name. Mithai says you’re challenging your Dad, I accept this challenge on Dadu’s behalf and challenge you that in the next 30 days I’ll close your two shops. Abha calls Mithai shameless. Hari Mohan says the original behavior of people won’t change. He asks them to leave. They leave. Shubham and Sid ask Mithai how can she close two shops in 30 days. Mithai asks them to think positively. Sid asks Harimohan to explain Mithai. Hari Mohan says once she said then it’s done and we have to help Mithai as she already accepted the challenge. Mithai asks who supports her. Everyone supports her. Sid tells them he has to leave to his Dad before anyone sees that he is with them. They get shocked seeing Apeksha there.

Apeksha asks what’s he doing as everyone left. Sid says she challenged Dad so I left here to confront her. Mithai asks him to see the dream of defeating her as she is going to win the challenge. Sid hints that he will fail Apeksha’s trap by saving his grandparents. Mithai says you can’t take this shop so show papers to Apeksha as she is the daughter of a lawyer and asks him to show her by winning the challenge. Sid says let’s leave. Apeksha stops him and asks Mithai why she is acting proud like Sid’s wife after signing the divorce papers. Hari Mohan and others get shocked. Apeksha asks her to stop dreaming of becoming an owner and back to your Munni. Apeksha and Sid leave.

At home Girish vents his frustration. Abha suggests him to use video. Sid comes there with Apeksha. He says if she wants him to get jailed. He asks Girish if he wants shop or son. Girish says he has the strength to open more shop. He asks Abha to be careful while talking. Pramod says they can easily win challenge.

Hari Mohan confronts Mithai why she hid the divorce matter from them. Mithai says Girish threatened to Sid so it happened. Hari Mohan asks her to make him talk to Sid. Sid rejects Mithai’s call. Pramod tells Girish that he has an idea. Girish asks him to tell. Sid rejects Mithai’s call. Apeksha thinks who’s calling Sid continuously. Pramod says marriage is a way to resolve differences. Agarwal suggested for Aditya and Karishma’s marriage and he is planning to go to America after his marriage. Karishma smiles. Girish says he doesn’t like it. Abha requests Girish to accept the alliance for Karishma’s happiness and for their wellbeing. Girish agrees.

Sid goes to room to attend call. Harimohan asks why he hid the divorce matter from him. Apeksha comes there and questions whom he is talking to. Sid warns her to not spy on him and tells her that he still didn’t forget her betrayal. She leaves. Apeksha thinks she knows how to find out what you are hiding for me.

Harimohan questions him about the divorce papers. Sid says Girish made me do it. Harimohan says so you do not want divorce papers but your father wants it. Harimohan says he forgives him for what he did and asks him to tell that he loves Mithai. Harimohan says he will be a puppet if he marries Apeksha one in Girish hand and the other in Apeksha hand. Sourya asks Karishma if she is happy. Karishma says she will chat with Aditya. Abhishek asks if she is happy.

Girish asks Sid why did Apeksha wears away like this. Sid says Apeksha is not interested in joint family she just wants to marry me. Anyway tell me how can you agree to marry with Agarwal. You said you had enmity with them. Girish says in business they are no eternal enemies only eternal profits. If Agarwal marries Karishma then she will go to USA. Then everything will be like always.

Sid hears Pramod and Abha talking. Pramod says if Aditya marries Karishma then it will be first time we won against Girish Chobe. If we join hands with Agarwal then think Girish Chobe chapter is over. Abha goes to bring Sweet for Pramod. Sid thinks do whatever you want but I will not allow Harimohan Chobey’s family to be destroyed.

Episode ends.

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