Molkki 2 7th March 2023 Written Update: Dual personality of Rimjhim leaves Bhoomi in dilemma


Molkki 2 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the guy whom Sundarlal had taken loan from asking Bhoomi to repay all the money he wasted in gambling. Bhoomi thinks not to tell anyone at haveli because the matter is very embarrassing. She asks the guy if he knows where Sundarlal is. He tells that Sunder must be sitting and gambling at bar. Bhoomi goes with him to bar Sunderlal is shown playing cards and gambling with a young girl (Rimjhim). Sunder is confident to win and keep bidding higher. Bhoomi reaches the place.

Sunder has no money left but tells he will pay Rimjhim 10,000 if he loses. He thinks he has won but then Rimjhim reveals her cards and wins the round. She takes all the money. Bhoomi scolds Sunderlal and Rimjhim too. While Bhoomi is having argument with Rimjhim Sunderlal escapes from there. Bhoomi wants to stop him but Rimjhim asks her to pay for the money Sunder lost. Bhoomi denies to pay but Rimjhim forcefully snatches Bhoomi’s ring and pushes her away. Bhoomi thinks she is such a spoilt girl.

At home, Bhoomi reaches worriedly thinking about how the ring was expensive and was given to her by Pallavi. Suraj sees Bhoomi and goes to talk to her. He tells her everyone was waiting for her during lunch. Bhoomi explains Sunderlal had created some problem and some money lenders had reached haveli to take money so she went to talk to him. She also tells about Rimjhim who had taken her ring. Suraj asks why she didn’t call him if so much happened and asks if she is fine. Bhoomi tells she didn’t take her phone. She thinks to apologize to Pallavi for losing the ring.

Bhoomi asks Pallavi if Rimjhim has come home, she tells she did and loved the kheer made by Bhoomi. Rimjhim is shown doing puja. Bhoomi gets excited to meet her. Rimjhim prays for happiness of her family. Nirma asks her to meet Bhoomi. Bhoomi is left shocked seeing Rimjhim as she is same spoilt girl she had met at bar gambling with Sunderlal. Rimjhim acts and tells she should touch her feet. Nirma tells they are of same age and should remain like friends. Rimjhim takes Bhoomi aside with her. She talks to her rudely and says not to reveal anything.

Bhoomi thinks how everyone at family loves Rimjhim and they will be hurt to know her real personality, she thinks to change Rimjhim’s behaviour. Sangram Singh comes at Gagan’s home and insults him by asking him to clean his shoes infront of Manik. Bhoomi comes to her room and finds sofa being removed from room. She asks servants who asked them to do it. Nirma comes and tell that she has asked to do it. Bhoomi says Nirma that she sleeps on sofa but Nirma tells her to sleep on bed instead. The episode ends with Bhoomi thinking how she will sleep on same bed with Suraj when he wants to stay away from her.

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