Molkki 25th January 2021 Upcoming Story : Purvi proves that Vaibhav raped Priyu


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Episode begins with Servant shocks seeing Radhika’s dead body and decides to take that dead body to Virendra. Anjali says Purvi dragging her family members one by one in this mess and putting blames on them and says she may even blame her too and asks what proof she has because no one going to believe her words without proof. Purvi thinks she knows that without proof she can’t expose Anjali and mobile too fell on paint bucket.

Manas , Juhi wonders wonders where everyone went and learns that everyone went to Panchayat and Purvi lost her evidence which was in her mobile. Juhi recalls how Sudha said this mobile was the last proof to prove Purvi’s innocence and tells Manas that they has to repair this mobile as soon as possible then only Purvi can prove her innocence and goes to Driver. Priyu notices one servant and says he came with them to picnic and he also saw her and Jyoti going towards Vaibhav’s room. Purvi asks him to tell the truth. He lies saying he didn’t saw them together then he recalls how Vaibhav threatened him to not tell the truth to anyone.

Manas, Juhi reaches mobile shop and gives the mobile to repair. Virendra asks does Purvi has any other proof. Purvi stays silent. He says she failed to prove the accusation she put on Vaibhav so she and Priyu deserves punishment for maligning Vaibhav. That time Servant brings Radhika’s dead body. Everyone shocks seeing that. Servant says they found this dead body in Vaibhav’s room and the door was locked from outside. Purvi asks how can Vaibhav kill his friend to hide his crime. He says he didn’t kill her and says he doesn’t know why Radhika went to his room. Purvi asks him to not lie saying she saw him going with Radhika to his room. Mama says he too saw that.

Prakashi questions Vaibhav. He asks her to believe him and asks his friends to say that he was with them. Vaibhav’s friend says he was not with them and says they can’t support a murderer and says he didn’t expected that he will kill Radhika to hide his crime. Vaibhav says he just locked Radhika in his room. Virendra asks why he locked her in his room. Purvi says Radhika will tell the truth and asks her to get up. Radhika reveals that Vaibhav raped Priyu and he even destroyed the proof. Purvi informs how she and Radhika planned everything to expose Vaibhav. She says it’s true that Vaibhav destroyed the proof that’s why she came with this plan. Vaibhav says Purvi and Radhika lying.

Juhi , Manas comes there and gives the mobile to Purvi saying they repaired the mobile for her. Purvi thanks them and tells them to leave from there. She gives the mobile to Virendra. Virendra shocks seeing the video. Anjali tells Jyoti that only Vaibhav will be punished because Purvi doesn’t have any proof to prove that she blackmailed her. Vaibhav tries to run from there but Servants catches him. Virendra beats him and says he destroyed a girl’s life. Vaibhav says Priyu slapped him twice in front his friends that’s why he did this. Purvi scolds Vaibhav and Virendra.

Episode ends.