Molkki 26th January 2021 Upcoming Story : Virendra tries to convince the angry Purvi


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Episode begins with Purvi says Virendra also wrong for not believing her. Virendra says he is head of this village so he can’t give judgement without any proof and it’s necessary that he has to hear both sides and tells her to not forget that he is the one who brought Priyu’s case to Panchayat so she can get justice in front of everyone. He says now truth came out and law is equal for everyone in this village so Vaibhav will get punishment for the crime he did. Vaibhav apologize to Virendra. Virendra says he doesn’t has any rights to forgive him because Vaibhav is Priyu’s culprit so she will decide his punishment.

Vaibhav apologize to Priyu and pleads Purvi tells her sister to forgive him. Purvi says he doesn’t deserve forgiveness and asks Priyu to punish him saying seeing him getting punishment no one should dare to do like him. Vaibhav goes to Prakashi but she slaps him and scolds him for doing like this with a girl and says she never thought that he can do something like this and blames her upbringing. She asks how dare he to lie and now apologizing to him and pushes him aside saying she doesn’t even want to see his face. He pleads her to save him. She asks him to return Priyu’s respect. He says he is regretting for doing this. She says law will punish him. He goes to Priyu and apologize to her again. Priyu says he destroyed her life. Virendra asks what punishment Priyu want to give Vaibhav.

Priyu says now everyone will know what happened to her so no one will marry her that’s why she wants Vaibhav to marry her. Purvi and others shocks hearing her. Priyu says she wants secure future. Purvi asks how can she think to marry him and says she can’t stay happy with him. Priyu says she doesn’t has any other choice than marrying him. Virendra says Priyu is victim here so everyone should respect her decision. Priyu pleads Purvi to stand with her in this decision. Virendra asks Purvi to support Priyu and assures that Vaibhav won’t able to do anything wrong with Priyu again. Purvi agrees for Vaibhav and Priyu’s marriage. Virendra announces that in two days their marriage will happen. Anjali plans to stop the marriage.

Purvi sees Servant lady going out of the house at midnight and wonders where is she going at this time. Manas, Juhi meets Purvi. Purvi thanks them for helping her and apologize to them for kidnapping them. Virendra asks why Purvi didn’t said anything to him. Purvi tells kids that she won’t talk to Virendra and goes to kitchen to bring milk for kids. Virendra thinks he knows that she is angry on him and he has to convince her somehow. Kids suggests Virendra to give any gift to Purvi to get her forgiveness.

Next day, Prakashi apologize to Purvi for not believing her. Purvi says it was not her mistake so she need not to apologize and says situation was like that so she doesn’t has any hard feelings towards her. Virendra gives new mobile to Purvi but she refuses to take it. He says she can even talk to her mother so she accepts it. He calls her and tells her to save his number. She replies angry emoji for his message and leaves from there.

Episode ends.