Molkki 29th December 2021 Written Update: Virendra sneaks into school


Molkki 29th December 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Security guards stops Virendra from entering the school saying PDSS group bought this school and they ordered to not allow him inside. Principal’s personal secretary Chanda takes Purvi to Principal’s cabin and asks her to clean the school because Principal fired the cleaning lady. Purvi tells her that she is teacher so she won’t clean.

Principal’s secretary reminds her about the contract and tells her that the latter can’t leave the job but has to follow the orders. Purvi tells her that she is working here but she is not a slave to anyone. Principal’s Secretary asks her to leave the job and informs her that Juhi and Manas can’t study in this school and Principal will make sure that they doesn’t get admission in other schools too.

Purvi asks her that why Principal hates her so much and she gets shocked seeing Prakashi as Principal. Prakashi asks her to wait and watch what all she is going to do with her. Purvi asks her to accept that the latter is back for revenge. She tells her that these kids are future of nation so she won’t let her play with their future. Prakashi asks her to clean the school. They hears one kid screaming. Prakashi tells Chanda that, that kid has been locked in the bathroom. Purvi asks her that why the latter troubling kids. Prakashi asks her to start cleaning to save that kid.

Virendra warns Security guards to not stop him because it’s between him and his mother. Security guards laughs at him. Virendra takes the gun and beats Security guards. Prakashi’s men hits Virendra with rod and the latter loses his consciousness.

In the class room, Juhi and Manas waits for Purvi. Meanwhile, Purvi cleans the floor. Kids comes out of their classroom after hearing bell sound. Kids asks Prakashi that what is she doing in the school. She tells them that she is not their grandmother so she won’t answer their questions. She asks Purvi to continue the work. She asks kids to run and they follows her instructions. Floor becomes dirty and Purvi cleans it again.

Security guards and Prakashi’s men tries to throw big stone on Virendra. Virendra hallucinates Purvi and he moves from that place. Prakashi asks kids to run again. Manas refuses to run. He tells Prakashi that he knows that she is doing all this deliberately to make Purvi clean the floor again. She tells him that he became smart but if he didn’t follow her order then he will get punishment.

Manas shows the handkerchief to her saying that Purvi loves him so much that’s why she gifted that. She snatches it from him and gives it to Purvi and she asks her to use it as cleaning clothe. Manas bites Prakashi’s hand and snatches the handkerchief from Purvi and he runs from there. Prakashi’s men chases Manas. Purvi asks Prakashi to not harm kids. Meanwhile, Virendra regains his consciousness and sneaks into the school.

Episode ends.

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