Molkki 30th March 2021 Written Update: Purvi escapes from Goons


Molkki 30th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Police inspector thanks Prakashi for cooperating with them for investigation and says he talked to her family and staffs but didn’t got any evidence. She notices that Goon calling her and wonders what if Purvi did something that’s why he is calling her. Police inspector says they will try their best to find Purvi and if they got any information about her then they will inform them. Anjali nods at him. Police inspector asks them to inform him if Purvi contacted them then.

He says Prakashi seems tensed and says until they finds Purvi no one can leave this house and no one is allowed to enter the house too and leaves from there. Prakashi receives the call and asks what happened. Goon says Purvi escaped. She yells at him for his carelessness and orders him to search her if he can’t find her then she will kill him.

Purvi screams for help and Goon hears her noise and searches her. He tells her to come out saying she can’t escape no matter what. Purvi falls down and feels dizzy and thinks will she meet kids and Virendra again or not. Virendra recalls how Purvi refused to talk to him saying she won’t forgive him ever. Purvi recalls the moments she shared with kids and Virendra. She loses lot of blood because of her hand injury and faints.

Sudha gives the mobile to Police inspector saying from this number only Purvi called and informed that someone kidnapped her. Priyu says call got disconnected suddenly according to Juhi so she feels Purvi is in danger. He says they gave this much information so his team will find Purvi as soon as possible so they need not to worry. He gives the mobile number to Constable and tells him to track the number.

Prakashi says everything going wrong and says one side Purvi escaped and she doesn’t know where Sakshi went too. She says she is not understanding what to do now. Anjali says they can’t leave the house also so they can’t do anything. Prakashi says she won’t leave Purvi and says without anyone’s knowledge she has to leave the house.

Manas refuse to drink milk and says maid not giving chocolate milk so he is going to complain about it to Prakashi. Maid asks him to not do that. But he runs from there and overhears Prakashi’s conversation. He tells Juhi that Prakashi knows Purvi’s whereabouts and Prakashi is angry on Purvi so they has to warn Purvi. Kids hides in the car’s dicky. Prakashi and Anjali leaves the house.

Prakashi tells the Driver to drive fast. Anjali says she is hungry and says they should eat something. Prakashi tells the Driver to stop the car near dhaba. Manas says he is hungry. Juhi says she will bring water and food for him. But he stops her saying they will eat with Purvi once they finds her.

Prakashi and Anjali enters the factory through back door. Driver locks the dicky and leaves from there. Kids screams for help and struggles to breathe. Prakashi scolds the Goons and starts searching Purvi. Purvi regains her consciousness and thinks to escape through window.

Episode ends.