Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha Upcoming Story: Was Suraj’s gift replaced by someone?


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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha that focuses on Bhoomi’s struggle to find herself a place in her husband’s life and house is being loved by the audience!

In the previous episode Bhoomi made her bed on the floor. They had a cute argument about sleeping on floor. At last Suraj convinced Bhoomi to sleep on the bed with him. Suraj appreciated Rimjhim a lot. Bhoomi thought how Rimjhim was on the wrong track.

Sangram beat Gagan and threatened Manik to surrender herself to him. Suraj praised Rimjhim and gave her the envelope. Rimjhim planned to celebrate with the money. Bhoomi suggested Rimjhim to donate blanket among the needy with the money.

Rimjhim wanted to go and do her activities but Bhoomi tactfully made her stay back at home with dadi which made her angry. Bhoomi worked in kitchen with servants. Suraj came there and sent away the servants.

Suraj told Bhoomi that he has brought a gift for her which was in their room. He left. Rimjhim came and hugged Bhoomi. She accepted her mistakes and said she wished to decorate Bhoomi’s room.

They found the gift given by Suraj. Rimjhim showed off the gift to Bhoomi & she was shocked seeing top and ripped jeans as the gift. In the upcoming episodes we will see how Rimjhim was just acting to be nice and it was all her plan.

Will Bhoomi and Suraj be able to come closer?

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