Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th June 2022 Written Update: Katha gets to know she is pregnant!


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Katha remembering all moments with Rahul. Just then, Manayata comes and asks Katha to help her with her project on pregnant women in village and the problems faced by them. Here, Kabir is baking a cake when he imagines Katha infront of him. Kabir smiles seeing her in his imagination. Kabir realises it’s a dream and smiles. Next day, Uma gives prasad to Katha but she says no. Kabir looks at the bandage and remembers Katha. Katha sees a man on street and she thinks it’s Rahul so she tries to confront her when Manyata takes her from there. Katha is disturbed and lost in her thoughts and doesn’t eat food too. Uma and Manyata worry for her.

Next day, Katha is called by Shabnam to show something. They meet when Shabnam says Rahul was oversmart with always hoodie on and turned his back in camera so they couldn’t get his image in camera. Katha says but where can he go jumping from so high? Shabnam shows the parachute and shows how Rahul used parachute to escape. Katha cries and wonders why it happened with me? Shabnam tells her team how Katha always made everyone smile and helped everyone but she is so disturbed, who can bring smile to her. Here, Kabir is shown completing the cake and saying this cake is dedicated to Katha who made me smile by meeting me just once. Kabir dedicates his bakery’s special cake for Katha.

Fatima calls Katha and finally she picks up. Fatima asks Katha why hasn’t she shown up in office, Katha informs her she wants break and can’t come to office yet. Katha cuts the call. Uma watches this from far. Later, Uma prays to god to give Katha strength as she is very disturbed and she hasn’t been like this ever. Abhinav comes with a cake for Katha but Manyata comes and opens the cake. Abhinav says how queens bakery have made this special cake named Muskan. Manyata enjoys the cake. The note on it goes and Katha reads it which says how you should always let happiness flow into your life by opening your doors and windows. Katha wonders who wrote this.

In the bakery, Yash praises the quotes written by Kabir and asks him if it’s due to any girl. Kabir says you will tell everyone. Yash says no I will not, tell me. Kabir says that refund girl from Nainital. Yash says wow, first refund and now heart, soon this love story will start. Kabir says stop day dreaming and start printing these quotes I found on internet for next batch of cakes.

Uma brings cake for Katha and asks her to eat. Seeing Katha silent, Uma says what has happened to your smile just because of that one guy, should I talk to Rahul? Tell me. Katha says what will you talk about? How he used me and my body and went, he made me look down on myself, he left the vey next day. Uma gets into shock knowing Rahul crossed limits with her. Uma gets heart attack. It turns out to be a dream. Katha remembers the quotes and says nothing has happened, it’s just that my relationship with my work was best, this guy was my worst decision, that’s why see I am going to NGO again. Katha smiles and tries to make Uma tension free. Katha asks Uma to make parantha for her and Fatima. Manyata tells Uma about tauji’s call. Uma goes. Manyata asks Katha to tell her about the situation. Katha says Rahul cheated on me and broke my trust, he took money from me which was of NGO. Manyata says I am sure you will get over it. They hear some sound and go out.

Uma dances and says how Pallavi agreed for the marriage of her and Kshitij. Uma gets very happy. Manyata also enjoys. Uma asks Manyata to order sweets as Pallavi and Kshitij will come today. Pallavi is unable to react seeing Uma happy.

Here, Kabir tells Yash that Uttrakhand government started this new policy to help new business so it will be helpful to expand their bakery. Yash says Katha is also from Nainital right? Kabir says you are married to my sister, what will Manju say if she sees you talk about another girl like this. Yash says I was saying for you. Kabir says lets get going and we can discuss rhe business plan on our way. They leave. Here, Kshitij and Pallavi come. Pallavi says how she disliked Katha when she saw her rowdy avatar but Kshitij liked her. Uma asks Pandit ji for dates. Pallavi says but first I want to hear from Katha that she will leave NGO after marriage. Katha starts thinking. Uma says say yes now, after marriage you can talk to Kshitij and see. Katha suddenly feels like vomiting and runs inside. Pallavi says if she wants to say no, she can and not act like this. Uma says nowadays kids eat so much from outside, it might be due to that, let us decide the dates. Katha vomits and thinks why is she feeling nauseated. Katha remembers how Fatima told her these are symptoms of pregnancy. Katha remembers Manyata working on a project to help village women get hold of pregnancy kit. Manyata goes inside to check. Katha takes one kit and Manyata sees this and thinks why did Katha take the kit. Katha finds out she is pregnant and worries. She remembers Rahul’s letter saying if she gets pregnant then name the child and raise the child. Katha worries and sits down.

Episode ends.

Precap – Uma asks Katha to abort the child as no one will accept it. Katha says I will raise thia kid. Here, Kabir comes to Nainital and hopes to see Katha again.

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