Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st March 2023 Written Update: Dhamayanthi manipulates Satyavati against Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi calling Bimla to collect the details of upavas packets. Priya notices this and confronts Vidhi. She disconnects the call and takes her from there forcefully. Dev shows Vidhi’s project idea to Divya. She appreciates the idea. Dev says to her that Divya has a business mind. He requests her to help Hariprasad and Bimla to develop this business, reasoning Satyavati won’t allow Vidhi to do this business. Divya assures him. Later, Satyavati scolds Priya for treating Vidhi badly. Priya says to her that she won’t forgive her if she hears the truth. Priya is starting a business with her parents using MBA name. Vidhi says to her that she is doing her project. She isn’t doing any job. Priya asks Satyavati to give justice to her. She was discussing with her mom about this business. She asks Vidhi to confess the truth. Vidhi tries to explain the situation to her but Priya doesn’t allow her. She is accusing Vidhi for working with her mom without their knowledge. She adds that everything is clearly mentioned in this project. She demands Satyavati to take strict action against Vidhi. Abhimanyu asks her what she is doing? Priya manipulates Satyavati against Vidhi.

Satyavati asks Vidhi whether it’s true she discussed the business with her mom? Vidhi says to her that it’s true. She did it for her project. Satyavati asks her not to continue her MBA then. She announces it in front of everyone. Dev says that Vidhi won’t quit her MBA. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Dev says to Vidhi that she didn’t do anything wrong. He will talk with her. Satyavati says to him that he doesn’t want to explain anything to her. She admitted that she discussed business with her mom. She broke Raichand’s family rules. Dev is not breaking any rules. She is keeping her promise. Priya says that she heard it the way she discussed business ideas with her mom. Even Dhamayanthi heard it. Dhamayanthi says that Dev hasn’t listened to anyone after he married Vidhi. Dev says to her that he doesn’t want to explain his relationship with Vidhi to anyone here. Priya doesn’t have the right to break the trust of Raichand’s family

Dev says to Satyavati that Vidhi did her project. He even has a blue print of it. She wishes to help her parents through this project. She isn’t working on it. Her parents will implement this idea and earn money from it. It’s not a bad thing. Raichand’s family used to help others. Now it’s in her hands whether to believe him or not? She is aware that Vidhi isn’t lying. He doesn’t want to stop Vidhi’s MBA studies because of someone’s lie. Satyavati leaves from there. Dhamayanthi and Priya feel embarrassed in front of them. Meanwhile, Divya says to her mom that Dev is an intelligent person. He is very sensitive but his business ideas are excellent. Her mom asked her to return home. Divya says to her that she wants to reveal her relationship with Dev. She asked her to come back but she didn’t listen to her. Meanwhile, Priya complained to Dhamayanthi that their plan backfired today. Dhamayanthi says that Vidhi is better than her. She impressed everyone in this house. Satyavati has been starving since morning. She advises her to feed food to her. If she fails to recognise her mistakes, then everything will be out of her hand. Vidhi praises Dev for taking a stand for her. Dev asks Vidhi to write a diary for her. Meanwhile, Dhamayanthi tries to manipulate Satyavati against Vidhi. She complained that she was the one who gave responsibility to her hand. Dev and Vidhi spend time with each other. Dhamayanthi says that Vidhi doesn’t care about her. No one cared for her that she was starving from morning. Satyavati says that Dev went against her for the first time. Dhamayanthi provokes Satyavati against Dev.

Episode end

Precap; Bimla will say to Vidhi that she has to gift something to Dev especially. Vidhi will plan for a surprise. Meanwhile, Divya will shout at her mom that she is going to reveal the truth to Dev that she is his daughter. Vidhi will be shocked to hear that

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