Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th September 2022 Written Update: Vidhi thanks Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi checks the gift which given by Neelu. Rishab noticed it and complaints that she stoled it from Dev’s cabin. He adds that he never saw this mirror object anywhere then Dev’s cabin. Vidhi shares to him that she didn’t steal it. It’s a gift from her chachi. Rishab leaves to bring Dev there. Later Yogesh shares the new rules with Chithra. Chithra doesn’t like the new rules at all. She complaints that she can’t able to take her permission to withdraw money from that Vidhi.

Yogesh adds that he don’t like this rule too but he have no option then listen to Dev. Amba hears it. Later Dev reaches near Vidhi’s table. She tells him that she didn’t steal it. It’s a gift from her Neelu chachi. Dev asks Rishab to go and check it in his cabin. She narrated the situation to him. She shows the letter to Dev. He gets surprised to see Pratap name in it. He inquires her about Pratap. He shows someone photo to her and inquires her it’s him? Vidhi nods to him. Rishab comes there and informs to him it’s there.

Dev says to Rishab that he wanna check personally whether it’s right or wrong before accusing someone? Because of him she is in tight spot. We shouldn’t accuse anyone without a proof. Rishab goes to his seat. Dev informs to Vidhi this Pratap is his father’s close friend. He wishes to meet him in personal. Vidhi assures him to inform him about it. Dev inquires her does she know what’s it mean? Lens of objective. Vidhi denies it. Dev explains to her what’s it mean! She didn’t get it. Dev explains about it with example. Vidhi thank him. Dev tells her this lens of objectivity means power and truth. She can raise her voice for the truth. She assures him. When she checks the lens she notices Chithra and Amba there. Chithra gets frustrated seeing her there.

Later Chithra complaints to Dev that she doesn’t liked this idea at all. How will Amba take Vidhi’s permission to get money? Dev shares to her that he took this decision for company sake. It’s better to recheck the accounts twice. Amba asks Dev Is he appointed anyone in his life to handle his marriage proposals like the way Vidhi handling the expensive. She asks him when will he marry her? She invited him to attend housewarming function on Sunday and leaves.

Later Vidhi knocks on Yogesh’s cabin. He didn’t give any heeds to her. He calls Sangeetha and tells her he can’t able to get vidhi’s permission to buy pins too. Vidhi shows the accounts to him. Yogesh demand her to approve the files which he gave to her. Vidhi asks him how she will do it? Yogesh talks with her in threatening tone. Vidhi reminds Dev’s advice and tells him she finds the mistakes in accounts.

Last two years staff didn’t get bonus at all but it’s credited in account. Yogesh holds Rishab as responsibility for it. Later Rishab shares this matter to Ananya. She says to him that he supported that Yogesh whom cheating Dev sir. But she supporting Vidhi who is honest and innocent. She adds that she is loyal to this office stop thinking her as fool. Later Amba meets Sathyavathi and shares everything to her. She invites her got house warming.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will handle the new project and explain it to all.

The episode starts with Hariprasad sharing to Vidhi that he only gave three months time to her. She can three months in office. Vidhi gets shock to hear it. But Hariprasad asked her to continue her work he doesn’t have any problems. He bless Vidhi in happiness and asked her to keep the laptop safe. Seema asks him to give party to him. Later Bimla prays for Vidhi.

Seema informed to Neeli about this matter. Bimla inquires her what’s this all? Seema tells her she cares for her a lot so it’s better to share this happy news to her. Later Bimla’s frind gives gifts to Vidhi for her promotion. Neelu comes there and give gift to Vidhi. She adds that it’s her blessings to Vidhi. Bimla tells her if Hariprasad comes to know it he will get angry on her. Neelu tells her that she is aware of it. She will leave from here before Hariprasad come. Bimla feels sorry towards here. Neelu tells her that her friendship is important to her then anything.

Neelu gets shocked seeing Urmila there. Urmila complaints to god that she prepared badam halwa for her but she blessed that Vidhi instead of her daughter. Neelu informs to Bimla that Urmila is coming. She asks Neelu to hide somewhere inside. Vidhi pretended like take blessings from her.

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