Naagin 6 19th March 2023 Written Update: Meher is dead


Naagin 6 19th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meher asking Prathna if she didn’t like her speech. She says she will change it if she doesn’t like it and asks her to help her. Prathna refuses to help her and warns her to leave saying she hates kids. Meher asks if her mom didn’t tell her that she needs to help someone who needs help. Prathna warns her to leave. Meher says she is bad and leaves. Prathna thinks she can’t get attached to another kid and packs her luggage. Raghu does puja in his new jewelry store.

Manjeet asks her husband to get her one set daily from Raghu’s store. Jeet teases her. Pandit asks Raghu to perform puja with his wife. Trisha tries to sit beside Raghu. Raghu says he doesn’t have a wife and performs puja alone. Prathna comes downstairs to vacate the house after paying rent but she notices there is no one at home. She asks the servant about Manjeet and Jeet. He tells her they went to the opening of a jewelry store that is near them. She decides to go there. Meher comes there in tears. Raghu asks her what happened. Meher complains about how Prathna hurt her. He says he will talk to her and feed sweet to her.

Trisha thinks she is not getting a place in Raghu’s place. She places the aarti in the wrong place which makes the store catch the fire. Raghu turns to his Naagin firm and controls the inside fire. Prathna comes there and controls the outside fire. Raghu thinks about how the outside fire got controlled and goes to check. Prathna goes inside and pays rent to Jeet and leaves. Raghu feels Prathna’s presence. A small snake girl says to the Scientist ‘their next step of the project is ready with more poisonous snakes’. The Scientist says Prathna may stop their attempt. Small Snake Lady says Prathna can’t stop it as I send high-rank Sapheras to stop her. Snake catchers try to trap Prathna but they fail to do it.

Suwarna asks Takshak why they send Naagraj to earth? She says Raghu can’t handle the problem because of his past. Takshak warns her to stay within the limit. The servant comes there and informs them that Purvika and her friends are missing. Suwarna says she will go to earth to save kids. Takshak orders her to not go to earth. Raghu misses his daughter. Purvika and her friends search Meher’s house to eat Parathas. While going to the mountains Prathna recalls Meher’s words that she needs to help people when they are in a problem.

Small snakes come to Manjeet’s colony. They kill many people with their attacks. Golu and Molu tell Purvika that they will save her but small snakes bike Golu and Molu. They fall on the floor. Manjeet searches for Meher. Meher sees Purvika in the trouble and she goes to help them. Purvika leaves from there. Meher holds a snake that bites her. Meher falls on the floor saying mom.

Prathna hears someone call her. She uses her power and sees how small snakes are attacking people. She returns to the colony. She spots Meher who is unconscious on the floor. Prathna tries to wake up but she doesn’t respond. Prathna takes her to Doctor.

Purvika imagines she met her father. She decides to search for her friends. On another side, Mrignaini asks Raghu to eat food. Raghu says he can’t eat food and says he is getting a bad vibe that Purvika and Prathna are in danger.

Prathna takes Meher to the hospital. She asks the Doctor to check Meher. The doctor checks Meher and declares Meher is dead. Prathna says it’s not the truth. She demands he to save Meher. The doctor says a poisonous snake has bitten her and she is dead and no one can save her. Prathna says she will save her. She hugs Meher and recalls her moments with her and cries badly. Manjeet and Jeet search for Meher. Purvika finds her friends and helps them.

Prathna takes Meher to the temple. Suwarna confronts Takshak and asks him to search Purvika otherwise you can’t be called Nagaraj. Takshak warns her to stay within the limit. Vasuki asks Suwarna to stop blaming Takshak. Suwarna says they are failing to see the dangers which are coming in their Naaglok. Takshak reads a book and says Shesh Naagin is back and she will be dangerous to our lok. Suwarna says she will face Prathna.

Prathna asks Kaali maa to save Meher. She says I hate this earth and want to leave the earth but don’t know what connection I had with this kid and her call brought me back. She applies kumkum on Meher’s face and asks her to save Meher. She says she lost her 2 babies and she won’t let anyone lose their baby and asks Kaali to give her Kaal roop to her to end the danger. She does play dance form. Naaglok people feel the shake and discuss what is happening. Takshak says it’s indicating someone is in danger who is important in the future. Suwarna says it can be Purvika and we need to go to rescue Purvika. Prathna takes Kaali roop.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna kills small snakes. She places her feet on Raghu’s chest.

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