Naagin 6 20th August 2022 Written Update: Pratha attacks Urvashi


Naagin 6 20th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratha breaking the cage using her power. Pratha says no one can separate her from her daughter. She swears that she will get the guilty punished. Pratha questions Shiv Ji why he is making her get cheated on when she did the right things. She asks Shiv Ji to answer her. Pratha’s third eye gets opened. She breaks all trees in anger. People get scared seeing the toofan. Aunt asks Rajesh where his wife went at this time. Pandit says this toofan might be because of the anger of Shesh Naag or Naagin. Pratha reaches home and searches for her enemies. Professor thinks why Shesh Naagin is not receiving his signal. Mehek sees the signal and tells Urvashi that she won’t go to meet the professor this time and he doesn’t know we are culprits. Pratha comes to meet the Professor. He feels happy to know she is alive. He makes her meet his daughters Anmol and Prarthana. Pratha tells him that her daughter will be like them. She tells him how Mehek cheated on her. The professor tells Mehek didn’t come here even after I sent her a signal. Pratha says she is joined with enemies. The professor tells her about the attack which is going to happen on Aug 15. Pratha swears to protect her country and decides to take her revenge.

Pratha returns home. Rajesh warns her about the danger and tells her that Rehan and Ritesh’s dead bodies are found. Pratha says dangers are not new to her. She tells him that attack is going to happen in Kedarnath. Major informs Minister that their sincere officer is alive. Rishabh meets them. Pratha thinks to do Rishabh’s duty too. Minister asks how he is alive. Rishabh tells them how the inspector died in place of him. He says he won’t let terrorists play with their country. Minister and Major head feel happy. At Kedarnath temple, Mehek asks Reem to behave normally. She tells her she will open the secret door when she gets a chance. Urvashi receives Mehek’s message that they reached Kedarnath temple. Urvashi tells Zain that they can create a blast at the minister’s meeting. Rishabh and Pratha are in the Kedarnath temple but they didn’t see each other. Pratha prays to God to give her strength to save her country. She covers herself in a shawl. She thinks to make sure to not let anyone enter the country through tunnel. Mehek opens the tunnel door. Urvashi and Zain come out from it with their team.

Rishabh follows Pratha assuming traitor. She escape from their without letting him see her and she doesn’t see his face. Zain takes out the bombs. He asks Mehek to place one bomb in the meeting place. Mehek sneaks to that place and us about to place it but Rishabh stops her. Mehek gets shocked seeing him and asks if he is alive. Urvashi goes out to call Reem when she is not getting network. Pratha finds Zain men who are about to create blast. She kills them. Urvashi gets shocked seeing the fire explosion. She thinks who did it. Pratha touches her shoulder. Urvashi asks how she is alive? As Mehek told her that she is dead. Pratha says God will decide the fate of people, not Mehek. Urvashi begs her to leave her. She takes a knife and tries to attack Pratha. Pratha stops her and attacks her.

Rishabh says to Mehek that she is under arrest and a soldier is in front of her. Mehek tries to escape but he stops her by aiming his gun at her. Urvashi tells Pratha that she can’t kill her and she hates her family. Pratha says you’re in front of your mouth and I won’t let you leave for making my sister against me. Urvashi says Mehek hates you as you become Shesh Naagin. Pratha says she didn’t wish to become Shesh Naagin but Shiv Ji chooses her and not Mehek as Mehek is evil. Urvashi says she can’t kill Mehek as she is Naag Rani. She says Pratha to kill her. Pratha says I won’t kill you but your curse can kill you. She asks Urvashi to come to her Naagin form. Urvashi gets scared. Rishabh points a gun at Mehek. Mehek reveals to Rishabh that Pratha delivered a baby and she feels you’re the reason for her baby’s death which diverts Rishabh’s attention. Mehek takes the gun from him. She hits him and makes him unconscious. Pratha leaves injured Urvashi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rishabh saves his nation by throwing the bomb. He meets Pratha. Both feel happy. Mehek releases Yeti.

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