Naagin 6 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Prathna learns Raghu-Mehek’s conspiracy


Naagin 6 22nd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Seema asking Prathna to keep the anklets safe as her eyes are on them and she is searching for them. Prathna says you can’t reach the anklets as they are at the place where they need to be and they are safe. She leaves. Seema uses her brain and realizes the place. Vishaka tells Mehek that Seema is useless. Seema comes there and argues with her. Mehek stops them and asks Seema if she finds the location of Anklets. Seema says anklets are in Naagmahal and I traced Prathna’s short story. Mehek praises her. Vish asks Seema to keep an eye on Prathna. Seema says don’t worry as Prathna will be busy at the party. Mehek and Vish leave for Naagmahal.

Raghu and Prathna see each other from afar and smile. Seema comes inside and collides with Tina. She scolds her and leaves. Other kids comfort Tina and decide to teach a lesson to Seema. Shesha makes Raghu stand near Prathna and encourages them to do open romance as it’s 2023. Shesha shouts to start the music. She dances and then makes Raghu dance with Prathna. Everyone claps for their performance.

Seema drinks wine. Tina apologises to Seema for her kids. Another kid teases Seema by making water fall on her face. Seema scolds them. They leave. Seema thinks about whether Naagins got the Anklets or not. On another side, Mehek and Vish can’t enter the temple. Vish asks why it’s happening. Mehek says it’s Prathna who arranged protection around Naagmahal and we can’t enter inside. Shesha organises the blindfold game. Prathna and Raghu win the game. Pragathi comes there and meets Raghu. Raghu introduces Pragathi to Prathna as his friend. Pragathi says she is his girlfriend and doesn’t want to share him with anyone. Prathna feels jealous and decides to teach her a lesson.

Seema enjoys her wine outside. Mehek and Vish return home. They ask Seema to get Anklets from Naagmahal and tell her they can’t enter the Naagmahal. Seema asks them to plead with her. Vish requests her. Seema agrees and leaves. Pragathi insists Raghu to feed her food. Raghu feeds her food. Prathna feels jealous and vents her frustration in front of Shesha. Shesha asks her to not overreact. Prathna is about to leave. Raghu stops her and asks her what happened. Prathna mocks him for his change. Raghu asks what he did. Prathna does not answer him and leaves. Vinay advises Raghu to apologize to Prathna without questioning her.

Seema reaches Naagmahal and takes Anklets from the cupboard. She tells Naageswari’s photo that she is taking her anklets. Mehek and Vish wait for Seema. Seema comes there. Mehek asks if she gets the anklets. Seema shows anklets to Mehek. Mehek wear anklets but she couldn’t change to her Naagin form. Mehek asks why the Anklets are not working. Vish sees the anklets and says they are fake. She argues with Seema. Mehek stops them and says it’s Prathna’s conspiracy. Vish says she will go to Prathna and get Anklets. She leaves. Seema advises Mehek to not trust Vish as she may outsmart him. Mehek rebukes her.

The inner self of Prathna tells Prathna that she loves Raghu. Pragathi and Raghu come there. Pragathi mocks Prathna. Prathna leaves in tears. Pragathi and Raghu smile seeing each other. Shesha goes to Prathna. Prathna says you’re right Shesha I love Raghu but he is happy with Pragathi so let him stay with her and I will leave the house and no need to inform our Naagin reality to Raghu. Shesha tries to stop her but she leaves. Raghu says to Prathna ‘Pragathi is full of life’. Prathna gets angry and confronts why he lied to her and what’s his past Pragathi doing in his present and calls him a liar and fraud. Raghu stops her and admits to her how much he loves her and whatever he did for her love. Prathna gets emotional and asks him if he cares if she takes revenge for her past. Raghu says he doesn’t want to know her past. Prathna hugs him in tears.

Prathna goes to Shesha and asks her to accept her 9germs and tells her that she wants to live her life with Raghu sacrificing her powers. Shesha says it’s not need to sacrifice her powers. Prathna says it’s needed and I want to live life with Raghu so accept my 9germs. Shesha agrees to accept her powers. Prathna thanks her and goes to confess her feelings to Raghu. She spots Raghu romancing Pragathi. Pragathi asks why he married a downgraded girl like Prathna. Raghu says it was a plan of my bhabhi Mehek so I trapped Prathna in my love according to Mehek’s plan as she told me we get more powers. Mehek comes there and meets him. Prathna gets hurt learning the truth and dreams of killing him. Mehek asks Raghu to know about Anklets. Raghu agrees. she leaves.

Prathna returns inside. Shesha sees her in anger and asks her what happened. Prathna reveals Mehek is alive and how Raghu betrayed her. She says don’t know how Mehek is alive but she won’t get the anklets. Shesha asks where she hid anklets. Prathna says she hides them in the store room. Vish hears it and goes to the store room. Prathna catches Vish throwing the net. Vish asks who threw the net on her. Prathna comes there and says she saw the reflection of Naagin in the mirror so lies that the anklets are in Storeroom. Vish releases herself and asks Prathna to tell her where she hid the anklets. Prathna attacks Vish. Vish says I know you’re Shesh Naagin but you can’t kill me as I have Vasuki germ with me. Prathna thinks about how it happened. Vish says my helper bought stole Germ from you. Prathna says now I realised you are the one who saved Mehek but it’s useless until you get anklets. Vish says she will attack her family and goes out to harm Prathna’s family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna kills Raghu for deceiving her.