Naagin 6 Upcoming Story: Kayanani to return Dharyi lok


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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Raghu came back to dharti lok.
As reported earlier Raghu and other serpents assemble for Rang Panchami. In the Sabha, Vasuki Naag tells Shesh Naag that they receive information from the earth that some powerful Naagin on earth is killing their snakes.

Raghu thinks about Prathna. Prathna tells Prashant that these small snakes are created in a lab and we have to find the lab and end it in 3days to end this problem. She tells him they have to stay near the attacking area. Prashant agrees.

Takshak asks Raghu to go to earth to save their clan. Shesh Naag raj refuses. Suwarna says she will go but Naagraj stops her and asks Takshak to learn the truth about what’s happening on earth. Takshak agrees.

Prashant and Prathna take a room in Manjeet’s house for rent. Meher eating habits remind Raghu to Prathna. On another side, Katyayani’s attitude and food habits are similar to Prathna’s. Vasuki’s daughter Trisha vows to win Raghu’s love oneday.

In the sabha, the Injured Naagin comes there and says she is back from Samadhi and hurting Naagins on earth. Raghu sees with his power that Prathna is back.

Takshak says they need to search solution to this problem.
Param returns home with his girlfriend Naina(Laddo). Supriya and Manjeet welcome them. Manjeet asks Naina about her family.

Naina says Prathna and Raghu adopted her and the other kids and currently Gautham and Soniya are taking care of them and if they want to meet them then they can. They agree. Prathna comes there and knocks on the door. Manjeet goes to her and asks what she needs.

Prathna says she needs a bulb. Naina leaves without seeing Prathna. Manjeet gives the bulb to Prathna and asks her to join the celebrations they are going to have for Param’s return. Prathna refuses but Manjeet insists on her. Prathna agrees.

In the room, Prathna thinks about why this particular place is getting attacked. She goes near the Yamuna river. Raghu decides to stop Prathna from hurting snakes on earth by going to earth. He goes to earth. Prathna sees two small snakes in human form and stops them. She attacks small snakes.

Small Snakes requests her to leave them but Prathna doesn’t agree. Raghu reaches earth and recalls how he lost his baby. Small snakes plead Prathna. Raghu heats it and misunderstands Prathna.

He stops Prathna from attacking small snakes. He says he won’t let her harm anyone. Prathna challenges him to stop her. Both use their power.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Prathna will tell Raghu that she likes the fear in his eyes. Raghu says he is not scared. Katyayani reaches dharti lok with her friends. Mrignaini finds some truth about Green snakes and realises whatever Prathna doing is correct.

Will Prathna be able to solve the new problem? Will Prathna reunite with Raghu?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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