Naagin 6 Upcoming Story: Seema to mix poison in the Amrit Kalash to ruin the nation


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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Pratha gets Amrit Kalash from Patal Lok.

As reported earlier it’s shown that Pratha kills Rainaksh to save Chanda. Seema gets shocked learning his death. She calls Banno. Banno revives him. Rishabh questions Pratha about why she is going against her family for Samaira. She tells him that she is with the truth. The next day, Rishabh brings Rehan home. Rehan leaves to party. At the party, Rehan misbehaves with Ambika. Pratha gathers evidence against Rehan and shows it to Rishabh but her plan gets failed when Rehan turns Ambika against her.

Rishabh throws out Pratha from their house. Seema tells her that she will kill Rishabh. Pratha cries badly. Ambika informs her that Rehab blackmailed her. Pratha decides to save her nation and husband in the next 24 hours. Pratha asks Chanda to remember where her mom hid the Amruth Kalash. Chanda tells her she hears that it’s the belly button of their country. Pratha prays Shiv Ji to show her way then she notices mark and finds Amrit Kalash is in the Patal Lok.

Rainaksh tells Rishabh that Pratha kept his mom in the temple by beating him. Seema says don’t know why Pratha is going against her. Rishabh tells them he will bring Chanda home. Seema makes him drink the poisoned milk. They rushes to the temple. Pratha impresses Shiv Ji with Tandav and enters the Patal Lok and gets Amrit Kalash.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Rishabh will fall on the floor spitting blood. Seema will ask Pratha to give her Amrith Kalash if she wants to save her husband Rishabh. Pratha will give her Amrit Kalash. Seema will mix poison in the Amrit Kalash and mixes it in the Yamuna river to destroy the country.

Will Pratha be able to save Rishabh? How Pratha will save her nation?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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