Naagin Upcoming Story and Written Update 21st March 2020

Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Naagin Upcoming Story and Written Update 21st March 2020 on

The episode starts with Brinda entering in the washroom and taking out a poster with pictures of all Parekh family members. There is a cross on Madhav and she makes one on Harsh too. She says that Harsh has gone and now everyone else will go too. She swears to make them suffer and kill them all since she hasn’t forgotten what they did with her mother.

Dev comes and asks Brinda to open the door of the washroom. She puts the poster away. Dev breaks the door and comes inside. Brinda falls into his arms and asks him why he is shouting. He shows her the earring he found near the water tap in which Harsh was found. She says that she came out from that tap so it must have fallen there.

Dev asks Brinda why she came back. They argue. He blames her for leaving him for Rajat and coming back for money. She says that he is the one who did so much for money. He says that he became workaholic because she left him. Milly comes and tells them that Harsh had died. Dev leaves.
Brinda recalls killing Madhav and then Harsh. Title track plays.

Dev comes in his room and sees Brinda there. He asks her what she is doing there. She says that she is just doing what a wife does in her husband’s room. Dev removes his shirt and comes closer to her saying that now he will do what a husband does with his wife too especially since they met after one year.

Brinda’s hair gets entangled and Dev comes closer to her. They look at each other recalling their moments together. “Jag ghoomeya” plays. Brinda asks Dev if he does all this with Shalakha too. Dev asks her to tell him if she didn’t miss him.

Just then Shalakha comes in the room and says that she put dinner on table. She looks away seeing Brinda and Dev like that. Dev gets up and apologizes. Shalakha says that it’s ok and she trusts him. She gives him the towel and asks him to get fresh and have dinner then. Dev goes in the washroom.
Shalakha asks Brinda what she is doing there. Brinda asks her the same and says that she shall leave now since she is back. Shalakha says that she won’t leave her husband. Brinda gets up and stands near her threatening to kill her.

Shalakha says that she isn’t one among those who get scared and won’t leave her husband like she did. Brinda gets angry and grabs her throat lifting her up. Brinda throws Shalakha on ground. Shalakha thinks that this is what she wanted Brinda to do.

Brinda shuts the door of the room. Dev comes out of the washroom and asks who was shouting. Brinda says that Shalakha went away angrily after seeing them together. Dev says that he won’t let her succeed in what he wants to do. He says that he once loved her but now can’t even see her. He leaves. Brinda recalls their moments together.

In the next morning Iravati and Vrushali see Shalakha arranging decoration in the hall. Shalakha tells them that she is arranging her mu dukhai rasam since one week has passed since Harsh’s death and now she should concentrate on her and Dev’s marriage. Vrushali says that she will take care of everything now.

Brinda goes to Lilly’s room and gives her some pictures. Lilly thanks her for whatever she did and says that she is very sad. Brinda asks her not to be sad and think that Pratik wasn’t worth of her. She says that she will keep everything secret. Vishakha hears everything from mirror and wonders what their secret is.

Rohan, Hardik and Sparsh have scotch in coffee mugs. They offer it to Lilly too but she refuses. Rohan says that Shalakha is better that Lilly who has become boring since Shalakha lets them have alcohol secretly.
Baa sees Dev coming and asks him to go to ask Brinda not to come downstairs since Shalakha’s mu dikhaai is happening.

Brinda sees a lot of people downstairs and asks Dev what is happening. Dev says that his wife’s mu dikha is happening. Brinda says that she should get ready then and he shouldn’t wear formal too for this ritual. Dev says that it’s Shalakha’s ritual. Brinda says that she will go downstairs and see how this ritual can happen when the first wife is there. Dev holds her trying to stop her but Brinda escaped. Dev runs behind her.

The guests ask Vrushali about Dev. Baa says that he must be coming. Just then Brinda and Dev come. Guests start mocking Vrushali seeing them and recognizing Brinda. Vrushali asks Dev to sit near Shalakha. Brinda looks at Baa who is sad and apologizes but Baa looks away.
Vrushali starts the mu dikhai ritual and the guests say that Shalakha is very beautiful, better than the first one. One aunty says that she must give Baa her first grand grandson. Shalakha says that it will be the second one since Brinda has been pregnant once already.

Brinda gets angry and blames Shalakha for doing drama since Dev’s first wife is back so his second marriage has become illegal. Vrushali wants to throw Brinda out but she threatens to call the police.
Dev asks Rohan to take the guests away. Brinda leaves too.

Brinda is enraged recalling Shalakha’s words. Lilly comes to her and asks what is happening since they had kept baby’s thing as secret. Brinda says that she doesn’t know how Shalakha came to know that.
Shalakha says that she didn’t know that Brinda wasn’t really pregnant. Dev says that now she knows that there isn’t any baby.
Just then Mahesh (Brinda’s father) comes holding a baby. Brinda and Lilly get shocked and go downstairs with others. Brinda asks Mahesh what he is doing there. Mahesh says that Brinda called him there.

Shalakha says that it means that there is really a baby. Everybody badmouths about Brinda so Lilly can’t bear it and reveals everybody that the baby is hers. Everyone gets shocked. Lilly cries and takes the baby in her arms. Iravati asks her why she is lying just to save Brinda. Lilly says that she is saying the truth only.

Dev looks at Brinda and recalls that she wanted to fix everything. Lilly says that Brinda was never pregnant and the baby is hers and Pratik’s. Lilly says that Pratik was her boyfriend but he cheated her after he came to know about her pregnancy. Rasik scolds her. Lilly apologizes and says that she wanted to tell them everything but she was scared and Brinda supported her. She confesses that she went abroad for her delivery and when she came back Brinda took care of the baby as a mother.

Baa hugs Brinda crying. Lilly says that Brinda bear the insult just for her and her baby. Dev recalls how everyone had bashed Brinda.
Baa says that nobody will say anything to Lilly now and asks Lilly to take the baby inside. Akash asks Lilly not to hide anything from him anymore and take the baby inside. Everybody except Dev, Akash, Shalakha, Brinda and Mahesh leave.

Akash thanks Mahesh who says that Lilly is just like his Brinda so he just wants them to forgive her and nothing else. Mahesh leaves after hugging Brinda. Akash blesses Brinda and leaves too. Brinda glares at Shalakha. Dev looks down.

Precap: Shalakha says that she has to create rift between the Parikh family and also between Brinda and Dev. The latter and Shalakha plan to go to honeymoon but Brinda plans to ruin it. She says that tonight it will be the last night of Dev’s life.

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