Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 26th August 2020 : Nandu gets angry after knowing Arjun’s second marriage

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with Antra manages saying Imarti is like our Pinky and introduces her as Pinky bus from Lucknow. Arjun notices Imarti hand got burnt and stops the pooja even when Revati wants them to continue.

Ram says wife is like Devi who take hardship of her husband and your lucky to have her so protect her. Ram about to leave with Nalini but Ram stops him and thanks him for making Imarti feels good.

Antra takes Imarti with her to apply ointment. In room Pinky says you’re about to reveal my identity. Antra says I managed it , you can change your appearance but your heart is same like Pinky and you fell in Arjun’s love. Pinky asks what are you saying? I can’t even think about it.

Antra checks with doll stethoscope and says something is happening in your stomach and your eyes are hiding something, if you’re taking someone problems on you than its connection of Love. Pinky gets tensed and says we can never become one.

Pinky says my stomach is sounding something because I didn’t have food and my hand is cold because of AC, my eyes have dreams because it won’t get fulfilled and I helped Arjun because of humanity so please leave to home because mom might be tensed. Nalini says I will leave but come soon because I wish to have free golgappa.

Revati calls Seema and asks why you’re leaving. Seema says i feel everything is fine here. Arjun asks her to return Nandu to him saying he is missing Nandu. Seema says im thinking to cut down your observation period but your daughter don’t know about your second marriage. Revati says what? She didn’t know. Arjun says I will inform her in the evening after finishing my meeting. Seema says than i will decide it in the evening and leaves.

Arjun asks Revati to not misbehave with Imarti and asks her to pack bags so she can leave once Nandu is back. Imarti come to them and send him to meeting giving his bag. Revati says thanks chumchum. Imarti taunts her saying eat good food to have better memory.

Nalini sees toward Arjun house. Antra says she will come soon. Nalini says Ram is happy and considering Imarti like his daughter. Antra says Ram wants to make Pinky away from Arjun so he wants Imarti is connected with Arjun. Antra assays if you know it than why to ask. Antra says I want Pinky happiness along with Ram and if this truth is out than Pinky needs you so become her mother once and think about it. Nalini looks on. Antra goes to have Golgappa.

Revati on phone asks Seema to inform Arjun Marriage with Imarti to Nandu. Imarti asks why are you doing against Arjun. Revati says I want Nandu to know it early so she can come but didn’t think he will get angry so give me your phone I will call Seema because my battery is down. Imarti searches her phone and she forget her phone number too. Revati asks Imarti to meet Seema to stop her. Once she leaves Revati thinks You and Nandu won’t enter this house again.

Antra enjoys Panipuri. She notices Imarti/Pinky and asks her to have Panipuri but she leaves saying I have to go to Seema. Revati calls to Arjun from Imarti phone and says Imarti goes Seema office to support you while revealing about your marriage. Arjun gets shocked and says Nandu don’t know about her leaves to Seema office.

Seema takes Antra and Imarti to Nandu and reveals to Nandu that Arjun got married to Imarti. Nandu gets shocked saying my dad won’t marry anyone and I got it from my friends that step mom’s are bad and I hate you and dad. Arjun thinks everything gonna ruin and I won’t get Nandu again.

Imarti asks Seema to give her sometime than Imarti says story and acts funnily Infront of Nandu and other kids with help of Antra. Nandu smiles and accepts her once Imarti says she knows her mom too and makes her reminds her moments with her mom and asks Nandu to get back to Arjun saying her dad is missing her. Seema asks them to come out saying meeting time is over and Arjun is waiting for them.

Arjun asks why you came here Imarti. Seema says I won’t feel Nandu will accept Imarti after seeing her response so I can’t handle Nandu to you. Arjun looks sad. Revati reaches to that place and smiles after hearing Seema words.