Namak Issk Ka 26th July 2021 Written Update: Satya flees from the house.


Namak Issk Ka 26th July 2021 Written Update on

Grandmother thanks and blesses Iravati for bringing Saroj back home. Grandmother tells Kahani is a problem and she should be thrown out of the house and calls Yug. Yug tells Rupa to call Kahani. Rupa tells she wants to talk with Yug. Saroj tells Rupa to talk with Yug in front of everyone. Rupa tells Yug to give one chance to Kahani. Saroj tells she had to go to prison because of Kahani’s false accusations and still you want us to forgive Kahani? Rupa tells everyone has been forgiven many times in this house but Kahani just made one mistake. Saroj tells what Kahani did was not a mistake. Rupa asks and what Raunak did with Kahani,was that a mistake? She tells if Raunak is staying in this house why are we talking about sending Kahani out?

Yug tells Rupa to bring Kahani down. Rupa went to bring Raunak but she is not inside the room. Raunak asks Rupa if she told anything to her? Gunjan asks Rupa if she hates her that she helped Kahani flee away? Gunjan tells Rupa she used to feel bad for her but now she thinks it is good that God took her baby away. Ravikant scolds Gunjan and asks her to leave. Saroj tells it is bitter but Yug and Rupa went against their own family for an outsider.

Yug tells he made a mistake and he tells Kahani now he will hate Kahani more than he used to leave her. Yug promises Saroj that he will make Kahani apologise to her. Satya is trying to hide from Yug and finds the room in which Kahani is locked. Iravati tells Gunjan to calm down and listen to her, she tells Gunjan to tie Kahani and bring her upstairs. Gunjan tells today she won’t make a mistake.

Kahani hears a knock on the door and pleads her to open the door. Satya asks who is inside? Kahani tells her to break the lock and help her. Satya tells she doesn’t have the key stills she tries to open the lock. Satya hears someone coming down and runs away form there. Kahani keeps knocking on the door and asking for help. Kahani thinks if that was Satya her sister and why would anyone send her to jail?

Iravati tells Saroj to promise if she finds Kahani she will punish her. Saroj promises her. Raunak tells Gunjan has found Kahani. Yug tells now Kahani will go to jail. Yug tells he did not know Kahani could cheat him like this. Yug asks Kahani why she ran away when the truth came out? Yug tells Kahani’s hatred murdered his love today. Yug tells Saroj to take the decision because Kahani did wrong to her. Saroj tells Yug to call the police. Yug calls police and tells he wants to file a complaint. The episode ends with Kahani untying herself and telling to file a complaint against Gunjan Verma as everyone looks shocked.

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