Nazar 2 24th February 2020 : Madhulika warns Vishala to stay away from Apu

Nazar 2 24th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Mohana kills the bride and she drops in the union dias. Everybody in the home gets shocked to find this while the family members of Apoorva know that Shreya got killed by a witch. Madhulika comes there and she gets pleased to see Shreya has expired.

Appu comes down and he asks everyone why his bride is lying down on the ground? The police officials arrive at the house for review and they stated that this is the 6th murder in a row in this construction. Head of the police constable says I believe this is carried out by a serial killer who’s psychotic.

But, Palak on the opposite side is concerned about her cousin sister since she’s seriously hurt. Palak is praying to God that she wants to maintain her sister safe and sound. The police officials do investigation in the home when one head constable states we got a busted pendant part from the hand of the bride and perhaps it’s joined to the murderer.

Madhulika believes that if the police officers got another part of the series then she’ll get caught. She requests Appu to play as a police with her and finds out a series from the upstairs area. Palak is attempting to collect money for the treatment of her sister since the doctor said that the state of a system is bad and she’s survived a collision with several fractures and internal injuries.

The priest says to the family members of Apu which we must bring a Trishakti protection ribbon for Apu from a temple because that will certainly secure him from all of the wicked eyes.

The family members of Apu agreed to do it. Apu got the chain in the balcony area while another witch Vishala is attempting to enter the home so that she can take away Apu with her. Madhulika supposes she warns her to steer clear of her and her goals…

Palak got to be aware that there’s not any money left in her account. She chose to arrange the money for her sister. On the opposite side, the police officers aren’t getting what’s going on in the house. Vishala chose to show off to Madhulika what she’s capable of doing!

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