Nazar 2 4th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Palak visiting Hema and Malini and asks if it is them who made the blossoms turn black. They deny doing such a thing since they were busy preparing their blossoms face pack.

Palak gets believing and Urvashi overhears it. She asks what happened when Palak says about flowers turning black in entry. They go to check on it only to find everything normal. Palak gets confused when Urvashi claims she must be hallucinating. Palak is sure it occurred and gets confused.

Pooja begins and Urvashi does Arti. Pandit asks for trisank. Urvashi asks Madhu to deliver it Madhu panics as her strategy will collapse. She makes some explanation and Urvashi asks Palak to receive it. Palak proceeds to get it while Madhu smirks.

Palak goes to the room and gets the trishank in the box. She’s going to go when she discovers smoke coming from toilet. She opens it ti find a Dayan with large choti that turns out to be Madhu but her face isn’t visible because of the smoke. Palak screams shocking.

Everybody waits for Palak and Urvashi sends Appu to bring Palak. Appu goes to the space ro finds Palak struggling with her throat tightened using a choti. Palak asks him to call others and he moans and calls everybody. At precisely the exact same time Madhu yells Palak and she falls down.

The trishank in her hand becomes shattered into bits much to everyone’s shock. Palak tries explaining about Dayan and Urvashi gets shocked but Madhu diverts it calling it to ge her cooked up story for breaking up the trishank. She reveals fake concern for Appu that shivers hearing the title Dayan. Urvashi sends Palak to her room.

Palak is crying in her room and Appu strives lifting her disposition playing mouth organ. Urvashi and Daadi are seen roaming using a lamp darkening the entire house. When Madhu asks what they’re doing they say about the red oil in the lamp that might help them spot the Dayan. Madhu asks them to not believe Palak as she is cooking up stories on Appu’s words. She says that she is able to prove them and requires them to Morgue. The inspector shows them the dead body of Vishala and they gets shocked seeing it. She states that the Dayan is dead. The inspector wonder who cut her long hair. Madhu recalls chopping her choti. Urvashi gets convinced that it is Palak’s dream.

They return home only to find Palak staring at something fearful. They gets shocked seeing Dayan footprints on wall. They understand that it is due to the red lamp which it came to light.

Madhu tried diverting that it is not possible they just saw the lifeless body. Palak states that she can prove and goes to her room to have the dupatta with Dayan nail marks that occurred when she assaulted her. Appu asks her to wish decent night.


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