Nazar 2 6th March 2020: Madhu kills Pandit and plays mind games with Palak

Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nazar 2 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Madhu bring Palak to get muh dikayi. Palak is seated on the stage and Urvashi finds Appu using a camera attached to his brow to record the happenings and eating meals. Guests arrive and he asks them to provide the presents to him and visit Palak but Urvashi gives him a look and she shuts.

Pandit asks Madhu about what transportation mean she went to find the Ratan. Madhu says she moved in her car and he leaves suspicious and Madhu finds it. He calls his Guruji and states about Madhu moving there in automobile while it’s just possible to go by foot.

Urvashi provides the mirror to Palak for seeing her face in mirror but Hema and Malini snatches it as they need to give a dance performance . The both begins dancing. Guruji on the other hand is chopping the Dayan Vriksh so as to learn that the Dayan staying in the home. Pandit is keeping a watch on Madhu who is attracted at the center by Appu for dance.

Madhu finds that Dayan Vriksh is at risk and goes aside while dance and Pandit finds it. He’s going to follow her Hema and Malini stops him. Ge gets discharged from them and follows her finds her missing.

Madhu appears in front of him and he has shocked knowing that she is a Dayan. Madhu agrees that it is her that killed everyone and will kill him roo. She catches him and eats his spirit and kills him and throws the lifeless body on the railing. Palak sees the dead body in mirror and yells and opens her veil.

Everybody gets stunned seeing her face but finds no dead body. Guests renders while Madhu cries she did saw a dead body. Madhu once more taunts Palak. She says that she’s finally made everybody doubt that Palak is mad.

Urvashi and Daadi proceeds to find Pandit because he left without telling and isn’t picking up their telephone. Palak comes to her room and has stunned seeing Pandit’s body and runs away dreaded but remembers Urvashi’s words. She gets in to check again.

Madhu on the other hand could not visit Palak as Appu isn’t letting her to. She enters again ti find Pandit’s dead body and calls Urvashi requesting her to come shortly. They both rush. In the meantime Madhu diverts Appu’s head and leaves.