Nazar 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update and Upcoming Story

Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nazar 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update and Upcoming Story on

Scene 1
Some people plant trishul at a home and say we must put it in this house to save it from witch’s attention. Madhu is one of those people. They place it at the home. Pandit ji states this home is safe now. Madhu says so she can not come to my home? He says yes but she’s in this city. Thre is a witch in the house. She says why do we need to get him married today? He states Apur would be fine when he’s two hands in his lifetime and he’s married. His mother says we should get him married. Pandit ji says I’ve put a thread on all the entrances of the home. They see police coming. Panditji states did something happen? The girl says no our neighbor’s kid killed himself. They see a mind. Madhu’s mother yells. Pandit ji states Urushi and Namrita ji, the witch isn’t in your city but in your area. Get Apur married as soon as possible.

The witch looks there. A girl says the witch didn’t Saurav what she did to my son. Urushi says she’s back. She murdered my husband and is following my son today. She won’t ever leave this house. Madhu (Mohana’s lookalike) states we’ve got God with us. Nothing would go wrong today. Urushi says I’ve called the family of a woman. Madhu says you known as a household without telling me? Urushi says we do not have time.

Madhu comes to Apur and states my handsome brother. That woman could be so lucky who wed. The woman is Palak. Her sister says he can not be better than you. Mohana says to her brother you know what to do right. Palak’s aunt comes and spins Neha’s hand and says if there’s a difficulty this time I will not leave you guys. Palak says please leave her mami. We won’t do anything. Palak and Apur’s family meet. Madhu states please sit. They ask Palak to tell about herself. Mami says she does not talk much. Apur says I wish to say something. Her uncle say when I’m here you don’t need to say anything. Apur keeps shouting. Madhu attempts to down him. Palak before getting married you should all know I’m sick. I have a hole in my heart. She recalls all the households rejecting her for this reason. Palak’s mami spins her hands and says why did you do so? If you do not get married your sister won’t .

Apur claims to Madhu am I really crazy? Would no one marry me. Madhu hugs him and cries. Urushi gets an asthma attack. Everyone sits down her. Apur says mummy please do not cry. I will become a fantastic boy. I won’t do anything wrong. Urushi hugs him. He says I did so wrong. I did so wrong. I am a bad boy. Madhu says you’re my good brother. Don’t cry. She gives him water.

Neha claims to Palak please do not cry. She gives her water. Madhu says to Apur sleep and go please. He states would we see baba from the dream? She says yes. Please sleep now. Madhu comes from your balcony. The witch is outdoors. Madhu pulls the curtains and comes on the patio. The witch looks at her. She says you believed this trishul can stop me? Madhu says I will not allow you to get to my brother. She says how are you going to stop me? Madhu becomes a witch too. She slaps another witch and says I’m an aikain. The witch falls down and says you are the aikain who’ll kill her own brother and sacrifice him. Madhu states then imagine what could I do with you personally. The other witch says I’ll take your brother . Madhu hits her. Madhu’s braid burns.

Scene 1
Madhu’s braid burns. She throttles and takes life of another with. Some neighborhood boys come there. Madhu says he’s seen me I can not allow my truth be outside. They run. Madhu stops them and takes their life also. She says my dad got to know my truth, and so I killed him. I’m the witch who lives inside their property. They are innocent and do not even know. I can not let them know the facts. I murdered Saurav too. Apur is in this state for me. He is going to be OK if he has married. I will not let him get married. Then I would sacrifice him amwasiya and become an aikain.

Palak says I never complained. I said it is okay that God did not give me things. Even when I was ill. But I will not be able to die peacefully, if my sister is not married. Please get her married. I’ll die in peace. Madhu says I will take Apur’s life and no one can come between me and assignment.

Urushi sees the four children dead. She states what is this? First all those people and now these children. What is wrong? And that also on our roof. Madhu says do not be scared ma. Pandit ji placed trishul away from the house. Urushi says but she killed four children on our roof. It won’t fix until Apur is wed. Madhu says it is not straightforward. Who would marry Apur in this state? Urushi says Apur would get married . Madhu says who’s the girl? She says I paid a woman’s family two crore to receive her married.

Palak says to Chintu you’ll find a job. Don’t worry. Chintu says we used to go to college together and you must make sweets. Palak states this is parsad. Neha says she’d have taken your job if mami did not cancel her admission.

Girls’s family arrives to Apur’s house. Urushi says I am so happy you came here for the suggestion. Girl’s mom says we’re so happy to be associated with you. Dadi says let me get things ready for bahu. Madhu says the wedding is not done. Do not call her bahu already. She says in heart they’ll suffer coming here. Urushi gets things ready for the wedding. She asks pandit ji. He says we are prepared for the wedding. I’ve placed pure lines out. No evil power can cross them. Madhu says I will check them. He says no it is okay. Palak claims to Naina you will become an assistant instructor. She states, assistant researcher. You did so much for me studied. I will earn and receive your education today. Palak says send me to London. Urushi says to the woman’s family this house is yours. Get prepared and let me know if you need anything.

Palak comes to the house with her order of candy. Another witch comes there also. Apur is playing trumpet Palak comes in front of him.

Scene 1
Palak comes to the home. Her toes are imprinted on the ground. Pandit ji says that these are boon. Urushi states like God has sent his blessings into our property. Apurv is playing trumpet. The witch it outdoors. Mami inquires Palak where are you going? She says I needed to provide these sweets inside. She says come with me. There’s work. Apurv sees the sweets and states laddu. He says eating so many of them can ruin teeth. I am not steeling them. I’m saving people from destroying their teeth. The witch tries to come inside but she can’t. She says I’ll find the best way to reach you.

Palak says who’s getting married? Mami says lucky woman’s get married in homes like these. Not you who tell everybody that they’re ill. She chooses the kalash. Palak states this is theft. Mami says they’re rich. It will not affect them. Palak says from the temple please forgive us God.
Madhu comes to the bride’s room. She asks her friends to leave. Madhu tries to perform magic on the bride. She says she’d do what I ask. Madhu says depart this wedding. The bride says what are you saying? Madhu wonders why did not her magic work. Madhu says I was only testing you. She states what’s this thread? The bride says dadi gave me this thread for security. Madhu says dadi is so fond.
Dadi says give me the candy. He says I’d tell Madhu. Dadi says in case you get married Madhu will be so content. As soon as you get married everything will be OK. Apurv states is marriage a great thing? You ought to get married to. She laughs.

Dadi comes to the bride’s room. She says we thought are with Apurv? She says no I’m with my sister in law. Dadi takes the bride downstairs. Madhu puts a nail on the ground. The bride measures on it. Her nail bleeds. Madhu says you go I’ll bring her later bandage. They all go. The bride says it is hurting. Mohana says take off this thread. She chooses the thread off. Madhu becomes a witch and sticks on the wall. The bride is fearful.

Everybody is dancing downstairs. Apurv sees Palak. He says Madhu di how do I look? She says good boy. He says I’m 25 laddus. My stomach hurts. Madhu says go to your area. He states dadi asked me to come downstairs. Madhu states come in five minutes. Pandit ji states where si the bride? Dadi says Madhu is bringing her downstairs. He says I must save this family from the witch. The bride falls from the balcony. She dies. Everyone is shocked. Mami says calls her husband and says that the bride has expired. It is time for us to pitch in Palak. He says I do not think she would agree. Mami says she’d have to. It is all due to a loan. They’ve cut your two palms. We must have Palak wed here for the money.

Scene 1
Madhu takes Jaya’s life. Everybody sees her and is shocked. Her father says Jaya please start your attention. Apurv comes there and says where is my bride? I needed to get married now. This is my bride. What happened to her? Mom why are you crying? Madhu states in heart what was correct occurred. Palak’s aunt says I’ll get her married here now.

Naina is in the OT. Her mother in being treated. She states ma, I can not take this pain. I can not see her in this pain God. She does not tolerate pain. Why did this happen to her. I would like my Naina back and nice. I will do whatever is needed. Please heal Naina.

Police come the home. The inspector says we looked everywhere. This is a collection of murders here. The dead bodies have been found old. Folks say it is a witch. Madhu states do you believe in such things? He says no I think in the attorney. This is done bu as serial killer. We haev a proof. We found a bit of string in the victim’s hand. We’ll discover the other half of it and find out that the killer is. Madhu says in heart I must locate my series before them.

The doctor says to Palak the treatment is very long. It may take months. The doctor says it is going to cost you about 40 lacs. Please submit 5 lacs tomorrow so that we can begin the procedure. Palak states where could I get that money from?

Pala’s uncle says I felt so bad doing so to Naina but it would work for us. The greed made us do this. Mami says we did right. Apurv comes. Madhu states Apurv why are you in your area? Are you scared? He says no I’m a policeman myself. She says to be a policeman that you need to have a wise brain. She says to be a policeman you must ti locate things. He says really? Madhu says yes. You need to locate my locket first. That’s the first job. He says okay I will find it. Madhu says I must keep the authorities engaged. He’ll get the necklace for me.

Urushi says the witch killed the bride. She does not need Apurv to get married. I found a woman after so long. What would happen today? If he does not get married would we stop this curse? Police say we must take statements from the families. Apruv comes and says I am also a fanatic. Madhu states Apurv what do you do here? Do what I asked you. She says he is not mentally well. He becomes what he sees. Dadi states pandit ji how do we save Apurv? If this witch could come in the home even after the trishul. He states that the Tri-Shakti rattan can save . Urushi says if that rattan can save Apurv we’ll get it now only. Madhu states Apurv hurry up. You must discover that necklace before the authorities. Apurv looks for the necklace. The authorities see footprints. They’re moving towards the window. The inspector states who can leap from the 40th floor? Wo can do this?

Palak claims to her uncle there’s absolutely no cash in the account. It is on yor and my title. Can you take it outside? I retained is for her research and union. He sas yes I took them out. I needed to return the loan. If I didn’t they’d cut my entire hand. I know you’ll find a way out. Pala sits down and cries. She says will I get the cash for Naina’s treatment. Please show me a way God.

Urushi pours gangajal. She says I’m this since you asked. But what did it help? She reached the house anyway and killed the bride. We must get that rattan. Madhu says I’m going tomorrow to find that rattan. But till then we must keep Apurv safe. She states in heart till I’m not here I can not allow another witch take Apurv.

Madhu comes downstairs. Vishala is there. She says do you believe it’s so easy to come inside the home while I’m here. She shoves Vishala from her braid. Madhu comes to her mother and says the witch can not come in the house now.

Scene 1
Madhu says I’m back with Shakti ratan. Don’t let anybody come inside. Dadi says please be careful and deliver the rattan. She says I’m do not worry. Madhu states in heart if this rattan comes within the house I will not be able to live here. I need to kill Vishala and become aikain by forfeiting Appu on amwasiya.

Some men arrive with a huge present with Appu’s name on it. He says wow it is for me. Ma says do not open it, please. He states di must have gotten it for me. Dadi says please do not open it He states di said she’ll get me a present. Dadi says let me call and ask her. Appu opens the box. Vishala is inside. Appu is shocked. Ma and Dadi are not there. He says are you my friend? So I have a friend as a present. She says I’m witch. He says what is your full name? He says I will call you witch auntie. She shows her fur and fur to him. Everyone tries to phone Madhu but she does not pick up. Appu is independently with Vishala. He says are you here to play with me? Hema and Malani comes there. Vishala hides. Appu states where did my friend go? Her name is witch auntie. Hema says he is calling you a witch. They laugh and leave.

Dadi calls Madhu and states did you send Appu any present? Hema says he said there is witch auntie in it. Dadi is scared. Madhu hears it and rushes back home. Dadi runs towards Appu’s room. Vishala throttles Appu and attempts to take his life. Dadi yells gangajal on her. Urushi runs towards Appu. He’s fainted. Everyone is scared. Dadi says how can she come to the home? Appu’s mother says how will we save . Dadi says if we do not get him married she will kill him. This is the only way we’ve. Palak’s mami states I know a woman. She wants money. You’re giving Sharma’s daughter two crores also. You can give that to her.

Scene 2
Palak says marriage? Mami says yes he’s a wonderful guy. He’ll provide you plenty of money. Uncle says you can do anything for Nanina right? She says yes but. . Kavita says okay if you aren’t prepared I can so no to them.

Dadi places gangajal away from the house. Vishala comes on the door and says you can not stop me. Hema and Malani shout. She tries to come inside but she can’t. Palak says if they are so rich why do they need me to marry their son? Kavita says that their son is also ill like you. Dadi says Kavita has not told me if that woman has consented. Vishala attempts to break the wall and tries to come indoors. Dadi states urushi come here with Appu. Vishala breaks the wall and comes inside. She says I’ll where would you operate. They go in the elevator.

Kavita gets a call and states at this time? She says okay we’ll find the girl here. She informs the uncle they’re asking to bring Palak at the moment. He says do not worry we’ll make her say yes. He stops the physician.

Scene 3
Everybody is on their way to the temple. Appur screams. Vishala runs after their vehicle. Dadi says do not worry she can not do anything to us. The physician tells Palak organize 10 lac rupees at this time. This is the only way we’ve. Palak says I beg you. I can not take him anywhere. He states move her to another hospital. They state pick her. Palak says stop . Palak screams Naina.

Urushi calls Madhu and states Vishala is following us. We’re getting Appu married at the moment. Madhu says I need to do something. I must stop this wedding. Palak says that I will pay all of the amount. Please do not stop the treatment. She says I am ready to marry that man. Say yes to them.

Scene 1
Appu can not breathe. Vishala stops the vehicle. She says come the witch auntie is here to take you. Your game is over. Madhu comes to the other side of the vehicle and throttles Vishala. She takes her into the jungle. Noone caw her. Madhu says nobody can save you now. Everyone goes in the temple. Madhu calls them and says U am bringing the rattan. How do you marry Appu without me. Please stop. The phone disconnects. Dadi says they’ll bring the woman here.

Palak says so early? Why are they being so hasty. Kavita says their pandit ji stated the sooner he has married the sooner he would be fine medically. There’s absolutely not any great time until a month. The hospital will not wait for Naina’s treatment for a month. Uncle says if we do not state them they will stop her treatment. What if something happens to her? Palak says no I can not let anything happen to her.

Appu says when will we go home? She says soon. Your bride is coming. You’ll get married at this time. Madhu is outside. She says I can not go inside but stop this wedding. I won’t allow the bride go to the temple. . Urushi says we can only sit and wait .

Palak dresses up as the bride. She’s there at the rally of an idol. Madhu can not hear anything. She holds her head. Palak walks towards the temple. Madhu goes in the water. She sees Palak going into the temple. Palak says I need to do this for Naina. Kavita says to dadi do not worry. This wedding will happen today. Money? Dadi says let them get married . Kavita says I know you’ll keep your word. Appu states where is Madhu didi? She says do not worry. Madhu will come shortly. You’ve got to get married.

Palak regards the temple. The wedding starts. They make every other wear the garland. Pandit ji states strat the rounds. Madhu says this wedding can not happen. I need to do something to stop this wedding. I can not confront Devi’s power. Palak and Appu are taking the rounds areound the flame. Madhu says I need to send my black forces inside but it might deactivate them for a couple of days. Madhu throws a fire ball inside. Everyone is worried. Dadi says keep taking the rounds. Don’t stop. Madhu burns thr whole temple. Everyone is scared. Madhu says I need to give up on my abilities to become aikain. Dadi says that the witch is attempting to prevent this weding. Please save us God. Please allow this wedding happen. Urushi sees Palak’s feet stamps on the ground. Madhu says that this storm won’t end. I am certain that the woman would run away today.

Madhu says I dropped all of my powers to stop this wedding nevertheless it occurred. How can I fail in stopping Appu’s wedding? Punema is tonight. I’ll get my powers back tonight only. I’ll see how this woman enters our home and Appu’s life. I will get my abilities tonight only.

Palak and Appu enter the home. Palak’s greh parvesh is finished.

Madhu gets fits. She says not right now. The moon hides in the clouds. Madhu says I will not get my powers back before the moon shows up. She came to this house. But I can always separate them.

Urushi says I will not keep anybody in dark. I wish to tell you about my son. Hema and Malani say we’re decorating your room for Bhabhi. He says her name is Bhabhi? She says no fool. She’s your wife. He says if our dadi and ma are a few. Our Bhabhi is same also.

Urushi claims to Palak did you know about Appu’s state before marrying right? We all know it happened in a rush. We can not give you answers right now. We did it for Appu’s life. Sarika did you tell everything to Palak? Urusshi says let’s take you to your area.

She says we told her what. Kavita says yes she has no problems with it. Right, Palak? Urushi says okay then. Urusshi says let’s take you to your area. Madhu says wait. I must see my Bhabhi, I could not be there in the wedding but it’s my best to give you a present. She provides Palak a bangle and states wear it. Uncle takes it and says that I shall keep it secure. Urushi says no it is her shagun. Madhu says that my brother is lucky that he married you. Did you speak to hum? Would you like him? I will tell you about Appu. He’s a really wonderful guy. His condition is not normal. Your family should have told you. Can you marry even after knowing everything? Palak says every family faces problems. But if your love for family is powerful you can face everything. Mami said you’re all very good. We will all face everything together. Madhu states in heart I believe she does not understand about Appu’s condition.

Madhu comes to Appu. He states where you? She says you married ? He states that a witch came to kill me. So mummy said I want to marry differently the witch could kill me. But I’d always be in your area. She’d be my friend if I turned into a fantastic boy. MAdhu says true friendships aren’t dependent on the conditions. If she likes you for who you’re only then she’s your friend. He states should I change? These garments are irritating. Madhu says yes wear something fun.

Urushi brings Palak into the room. Madhu says this could be fun. Palak comes within the room. Appu is there in a lawsuit. He walks towards her. He says I was waiting for you. Finally you’re here. Palak says I was downstairs. He says do not say anything. I know everything about you. Palak says what? He says why are you doing this. Palak says it is not what you think. My sister. . He says do not say anything. Nothing is concealed from me. He laughs and says I scared you yayyy.

Scene 1
Appu laughs and says I scared the spouse. He laughs. Palak is dazed. She says what? He says you are scared. She recalls Sarika said he’s sick and Madhu asked you would marry him even after knowing what? Palak is in shock state. She runs downstairs and runs from the home. Madhu says this marriage did not even last for 5 minutes. Urushi states Palak please stop. Madhu says don’t have to. Dadi says she’s our DIL. Madhu says she must know that also. Palak regards the cries and elevator. Madhu says she hurried away from the home? Dadi states Appu must have done somethig. He needs her. Madhu says she conducted in five minutes and you believe she would look after Appu for life? Dadi says there’s something special about her. The witch’s powers did not work on her. She could not stop the wedding. Dadi says marriage is not a game. Madhu says she will not return now. Urushi says we must bring her back. I’ll even beg to her. Madhu says she left with her will and she can come back if she desires.

Scene 2
Palak comes to her mami’s location and says you did not tell me he’s mentally unstable. Mami says we told you he is sick and we did it all for Naina’s treatment.
Madhu says we do not require that girl. I’ve got the rattan. Dadi says it can not cure him He will simply be normal after the union. Urushi says that he needs Palak. Give me the rattan. Urushi comes to Palak’s house. She states Sarika always understood about Appu’s condition. She did not tell you? Palak says she should have missed you. Urushi says you did not know it/ Any woman would respond this way. He was not like this always. He was educated and normal. He handled everyting after his dad died. He managed the home and business also. Then one day he met with an accident and that changed his life. Everything was ruined.

Dadi says we understand you did not know about his illness but you married him. We consider you our DIL. My heart knows you can mend him.But we won’t make you keep this marriage. You can choose whatever you want. Here’s the money you needed. Regardless of what your choice is, this money is yours. Her uncle says you are all really wonderful. Mohana states in a while these clouds will go away and I’ll get my powers back.

Mohana says in heart I must create this Appu sleep. Appu says let me get ou parathas. Madhu says I’m not hungry. Take this Strawberry milkshake and sleep. Sarika says to her husband I thought we lost the money but we did not. It’s here. Palak thinks about what happened. She says I do not know what to do? Please show me a way God. Palak prays. Palak sees something in her eyes.

Palak comes running outside to Urushi. She says please stop. I wish to tell you something. I believed mami told you. But I am positive that you don’t understand like I did not. I am sick. I have a hole in my heart. You’ve got many hopes from me. I don’t have the time you will need to repair your son. I don’t know how many breaths I’ve left. I don’t wish to keep you in dark. I told you my truth. The choice is in your hand now. I needed money for my sister’s treatment. However, I realized I made such a huge mistake. I can not use you for my sister. Please take your cash. Urushi states what about your sister? Palak says thank you for everything. God will heal her. I will pray that you discover the woman who can mend Appu. Urushi says you’re that girl Palak.