Nazar 5th March 2020 : Palak’s Munh Dikhai

Nazar 5th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Scene 1
Madhu asks Hema and Malani to place the sindur on the door. They select the black sindur. Madhu says their stupidity always helps me. Palak falls on the door on the black sindur. She finds that the dupatta the witch assaulted on. She states ma that is the dupatta witch assaulted on. It’s her nail mark on it. Madhu says she fools us. She’s black colours onto her hand and she left this story up to make up her stage. Madhu says there is sindur here not black ashes. Palak says no there was ashes here and that I will on it. Madhu says stop lying. Palak states why would I lie? Appu says liar you said there is no witch auntie. Now you are saying that the witch came? Palak states no wait. Madhu says you pick first if you watched the witch or not?

Pandit ji reads about the rattan in his book. He states it says humans can not take our trishakti rattan. How did Madhu attract it? Madhu takes Vishala’s powers and states that her abilities are less than mine but enough to help me eliminate Palak. Appu says I do not want to speak with you, you’re a liar. He shoves her a bit. Palak falls. Appu says I am so sorry. Allow me to dress your wound. He utilizes medication and covers her wound.

Palak says what’s this scar on your shoulder? He says it is when the witch came. She attacked me. Palak says why did not you tell anybody? He says everybody knows. Palak says what? He says yes dadi said you’ll protect me from the witch but you are scared of her yourself. He says let us both beg to matarani to shield us from the witch. Appu hugs her and says I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t do it intentionally.

Scene 2
Urushi inquires dadi was Palak lying? Or was she confused? Dadi says why would she lie? Those footsteps were of the witch. Urushi says but the witch died. What if Madhu was perfect? Dadi says it may be old. Urushi says Madhu got so rude to her. Dadi says she cares about Appu but she should know Palak is his spouse.

Appu asks Urushi are these presents for me? She says no for Palak. Appu states is it her birthday? Urushi says no it is her munh dikhai. He says so she’ll get them all? Do my munh dikhai also. Urushi laughs. He says let me prepare. Pandit ji comes in. Hema and Malani get Palak prepared. Appu says let me do her makeup. He says I will employ make do not move. He puts lipstick on her lips. Appu says sorry. Their theme song plays. Palak nods and says it is okay. He gives her jewelry. He fills her hairline with sindur. Appu rolls his forehead on hers. Madhu comes there and says Hema and Malani take Appu downstairs. She says that he ruined your makeup. Allow me to fix it. Madhu makes marks on her face.

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