Nazar 6th February : Piya turns completely into Visharika

Nazar 6th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with the family requesting Ansh to consent to Mohana for time being while they would think of another means to escape the swayam vadhu. Ansh clearly disagrees and states he would never do that. Mohana is concerned about Ansh while the guests asks about other members. She goes to check in and finds Ansh still not prepared. Ansh says Mohana that he isn’t prepared for second marriage. Mohana says Ansh that everybody are waiting outside and asks him to get ready shortly. Ansh denies getting ready which angers Mohana. Her Dayan powers comes back to her and everybody gets stunned seeing it.

Nishant comes to Pratimayan and educates her about Piya turning into Visharika and Mohana turning to helpless. He asks her help in finding a solution as though they come face to face then it may be a bigger issue. The family controls Ansh and Mohana and Vedashree indicates Ansh to consent to Mohana. They gets scared seeing her turning into Dayan again. Ansh eventually says that marriage is a huge decision and he is not emotionally prepared for it. He asks for sometime.

Mohana calms down a bit and asks if he’ll get married later and Ansh agrees to get married. Piya gets mad hearing it and looks furiously at Mohana. Her eyes turn green and hair is reddish. Mohana gets extremely angry seeing Piya and begins turning into Dayan. The family becomes worried about what to do. Mohana asks what is she doing there. They’re going to fight but Ansh stops them. Pandit advises about auspicious time moving away and Rathods take Mohana outside in the pretext of the same.

Ansh asks Piya what is she doing and why is she angering Mohana. She asks how can he agree to perform second union. She states that she do not like Mohana a little. Ansh asks her to have trust in him and states that Mohana will lose her powers after the Dayan pooja is done and Piya gets happy hearing it. She states that Mohana is a really major enemy of Visharika and when she is losing powers then she is really quite happy for it. Ansh explains a strategy to Piya and asks her to follow it. Piya says that Visharika will follow the plan in her own way

Mohana asks Rathods about Piya’s eyes turning green and hair red. She states that she is Visharika and she knows about her. They peel off it as her imagination because of the wound in her injury and makes her drink the juice combined with medication.

Mohana leaves to greet the guests while they sigh in relief. They say Nishant concerning the problems in controlling Mohana and Piya has Piya has turned into Visharika. Nishant states that if two days of Mohana remains helpless then she will be totally turned into human. They hear Ansh and Piya fighting. Saanvi goes on a date with her fiancee much to Naman’s dismay.

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