Nima Denzongpa 24th September 2021 Written Update: Nima is angry with her daughters!


Nima Denzongpa 24th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tulika asking police what proof they have against Varun. Police says you want proof from a police? Tulika stumbles but still asks for proof. Police shows pictures of Varun doing some changes to the scooty. Tulika and Sunita are shocked while Varun panics. Varun asks where did you get that from? Police says once you get the lolipop do you ask the origin? No na? He then shows to Nima and girls they say yes it’s their scooty. Police threatens Varun. Tulika tries to protect Varun. Police asks Varun he couldn’t have done it alone so he asks Varun to get back the scooty. Tulika, Sunita and Varun come back with the dorty scooty. Police makes them wash the scooty. The girls enjoy it.

Then, Police asks them to say sorry to Nima. Tulika signs Sunita and they start crying and acting. Nima says it’s okay I forgive them. Manya signs the policeman, so he makes them say sorry. Suresh comes and the girls go. Varun comes and hugs Suresh. Suresh asks what’s going on? Police says it was a theft case. Police goes. Suresh thinks he saw the police somewhere. Suresh takes Varun inside and scolds all three to always take challenges from Nima and her kids. Suresh says when I agreed to everything and stay away from Nima why can’t you. Nima also scolds her daughters. Nima says I want to stay away from them but you people don’t listen.

Suresh scolds Tulika for doing all this drama. I feel like I have no respect in this house. Tulika says I will handle it. Suresh says you will? You keep asking me to stay away from them, to not mingle with them but then you do all this, fight with them?

Sia tells sorry to Nima. Mania says we just wanted to punish them. Nima says I want you all to become successful and not look back. Don’t be filled with hatred. The girls hug her and say sorry. Nima smiles and hugs them.

Suresh tells Tulika that you should thank them for taking the case. Tulika says don’t take those cheap girls’ side. Suresh says you.. Sunita asks him to stop it, you don’t even ask how we were. Varun says he doesn’t love me, he loves his daughters. Tulika says you think we are fools? Suresh says I am sorry to even open my mouth. He leaves. Sunita tells Tulika to keep his mouth closed. Tulika tells Sunita that I will take revenge on them. I won’t spare that momo Nima.

Sia and Mania give the scooter back. Sia says thank God, now my and Mohan’s job will be saved. Mania meets the inspector. She tells Sia that he is actually a struggling actor Raman. Mania says I called him to act like an inspector. Raman says it’s good that they bought my acting today. Mania introduces Sia. Raman says I can do anything for Mania. Suresh comes there and sees them talking to Raman. Suresh thinks I have seen him somewhere. I saw him with Balaj sir, he is a junior artist so whatever happened was a drama in the morning? He leaves from there.

Maaji has got the sweets. Nima starts leaving but Maaji gives her sweets. Nima thanks her and says my daughter got a job so I brought sweets for you also, I didn’t know if you people would accept it. Suman accepts it and congratulates her. Maaji says but don’t start flying now. Nima says never and leaves. Bakay sees Nima’s sweets box and says it’s pretty. Maaji says it must be cheap, don’t eat it. Bakay sadly leaves. Maaji takes Nima’s sweets and eats them.

Suresh is waiting for Nima to return. He sees her coming there and is mesmerized. Nima is about to slip but Suresh holds her. Nima is surprised to see him there. Suresh smiles at her and gives her bag to her. Nima takes it and starts leaving. Suresh stops Nima and says I have been waiting for you since the evening, I know it’s weird but can we talk for a minute?

Suresh gets tea for Nima as she waits for her slipper to be repaired. She asks what you want to talk about? Suresh says whatever happened in the morning was Varun’s fault but insulting him with fake police was wrong also. Nima says what do you mean? Suresh says that the inspector is a junior artist. Nima says I didn’t have an idea at all. Suresh says I know how Tulika, Varun and Ayi are but you didn’t have to do all that drama. Nima says I left before all that happened. Suresh says but it’s a parent’s duty. Nima nods and says so whatever Varun was your responsibility also? Suresh looks away.

The episode ends.

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