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Beyhadh 2 25th February : Antara and MJ want Diya to abort her baby

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Beyhadh 2 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

The episode begins with Maya telling MJ that today that Rudra is her courage, she won’t get scared by him. She sits down and says that she had been awaiting him. MJ says he understands what she is attempting to do. Maya replies that she would not enjoy playing with dumb people.MJ calls her Manvi but Maya says that she’s not Manvi but Maya and there’s absolutely no limitation for Maya’s love and love. MJ says he understands that her love for Rudra is a drama. Maya says her love for Rudra is true and so is the hatred she has for him. She asks MJ to listen attentively that she’ll end whoever will attempt coming between him and Rudra. MJ is going to give it back to her his telephone rings. Maya asks him to pick it up since someone may be in danger. MJ glares at her and then picks up the telephone saying he’s coming. He leaves.

At the hospital, Diya remembers Maya’s words when she warned her against MJ. She also recalls MJ requesting her to abort the baby. She prepares the nutritional supplement for abortion and recalls when she wished to create Maya abort her baby. She’s going to have the supplement.

Afterwards MJ comes to fulfill Diya at the hospital. She hugs him yelling. He makes her sit and kneels before her stating that she needed to do it because there’s absolutely no place for any third person in their lifetime. Diya states that she could not abort the baby because it’s the one thing she can call her own. Rajiv and Maya watch them on tablet through cameras. MJ asks Diya to comprehend. Diya asks what she ought to know. MJ says that she must abort the baby but she refuses and grabs his collar requesting him to visit Antara and show her about their relation. She wants him to leave Antara and return to her and gives him two hours. He leaves and Diya cries.

Rajiv and Maya rejoice because their strategy got successful. Rajiv asks Maya how she understood that Diya could have turned against MJ. Maya answers that she was on her place ten years back.

Meanwhile Ananya and Rudra are shown the cover of”Beyhadh”, Maya’s publication. Ananya likes it since it is dark like the story and would like to finalize it Rudra says he wants his wife’s approval since wife is always right and she’s the writer also. When Rudra and Ananya are left alone, Ananya inquires Rudra why he brought his private life in the professional one. He states that Maya is the author and they can not continue without her approval. Ananya says it is fine as it is his company. Rudra asks her to give him any punishment but never leave the business because everything will be incomplete without her. Ananya gets psychological but only then Rudra receives Maya’s telephone and he goes out to attend it.

Rudra asks Maya what occurred. She says that she’s missing him and he gets amazed hearing it. Maya says that she’ll come to office from tomorrow. Rudra accepts and asks what the plan is for now. She says that she’s missing him but she knows he can’t return home since work is crucial. Rudra agrees but after cutting the telephone, he leaves the office. Ananya looks at him says that he lied when he stated that what’s incomplete without her because now his life revolves around Maya today.

Maya apologizes to Rudra since she needed to use him but she states that she understood he’ll come home and since it is the first day of her revenge, he’s got to be there.

Aamir and MJ talk about what to do with Diya. Aamir asks MJ to recall what happened last time when somebody loved him deeply. MJ remembers his past with Manvi who subsequently came back as Maya marrying Rudra. He recalls how she grabbed his throat and threatened him. He asks Aamir to recall what he’d done with Manvi also and declares to do the same with Diya if she does something wrong.

Rudra comes home with a bouquet of flowers for Maya. She has happy seeing him and hugs him. He asks her why there’s so much silence in the home. Maya tells him that Nandini and Rajiv went into the temple while Antara went searching. Rudra says that MJ has to be working instead. He says he is not like his father and does not like to work especially if his wife calls him. He has another present for Maya. It is a cake using the shape of two hearts and their names written on it. Maya says it is cheesy but Rudra says that it is sweet not cheesy. Maya applies cake Rudra’s nose.

On the other hand MJ come in Diya’s room. She asks him what he’s decided. Antara comes there also. She slaps Diya who yells. Antara blames Diya for attempting to take her place while she always considered her as a sister over a friend.

Maya hears the sound of the slap and informs Rudra that something should have happened. Rudra says that she’s only trying to go away from her and when it is nothing she will need to pay a prize for this. They move out of the room.

Diya informs Antara that MJ does not love her. Antara says that he does not love her too because MJ loves only his name and she’s his title, he loves only his children and she’s the mother of his kids. She asks her to abort her baby or MJ will take action. Diya goes to MJ who tells her the same. He says he will not let her destroy his life and orders her to abort the baby or else he’ll kill her with the kid also.

Diya calls both MJ and Antara creatures and is going to run away but only then Maya and Rudra enter into the area. Diya asks Rudra to rescue her. Antara and MJ look on shocked.

Bepanah Pyaar 25th February : Ragbir loses his memory

Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Bepanah Pyaar 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

The episode begins with Kunti slapping Harshit for stating that their match is finished. Kunti decides to kill Ragbir for his or her security. Kunti enters his ward to kill Ragbir and bids him goodbye. She’s going to touch the oxygen cylinder but Pragati stops her on time. Pragati warns her to steer clear of Ragbir and never attempt something like this again. She says that she will not let anything happen to Ragbir.

Next morning she finds motion in his hands. She calls for Doctor and Doctor checks him. Ragbir opens his eyes and Kunti watches it from outside. Everybody comes indoors while Pragati hugs him. Ragbir asks who is she as he do not know her. He asks others who she is.

Pragati asks him not to joke but Ragbir is serious. He states that he does not remember who she is. Pragati states that she’s his wife but Ragbir states he’s not. Harshit smirks hearing it. Doctor sends everyone out to check on Ragbir.

Everybody is waiting outside and Kunti believes that god is on her side and wants her to win. Doctor comes out and informs that Ragbir has partial amnesia.

Everybody gets shocked hearing it. Doctor Sat’s he forgot past few decades. By Ragbir’s words they find out that he forgot 8 decades. Devraj says that it is 2020 but Ragbir denies believing it. Everybody goes out and Pragati follows him. Devraj begs physician to bring back Ragbir’s memories. Doctor says it may occur in several days, months or even years. He asks them not to worry.

Devraj asks Pragati ti not drop hope and think on their own love. Aditi asks how this all happened. Pragati narrates what happened. Aditi asks she chose to marry Sahas to rescue Ragbir and she insists. Kunti mocks Pragati for visiting Sahas by will and is only now faking.

Aditi shuts up her stating that Pragati isn’t like that. Aditi takes Pragati’s side. Devraj also takes Pragati’s side irking Kunti. Devraj consoles her. Pragati leaves running to hospital. She cries and asks God why is he analyzing her so much. Kunti comes there and mocks Pragati and leaves.

Pragati yells God about him siding the incorrect side and making her triumph. She states that when that is the agnipariksha for her love then she will definitely fight her hatred and bring back Ragbir.

Kundali Bhagya 25 February : Karan and Rishabh close to the truth of that video?


Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serailgossip.in

So far you have seen in
‘Kundali Bhagya’ you have seen that Srishti calls Rishabh and after this both of them talk about the video that Sherlyn showed. She (Srishti) tells him (Rishabh) that there is some problem in this video. Rishabh does not immediately reply to the creation on this. Meanwhile, the police enter the Luthra house and tell them, the police have received information that Preeta is hiding in this house. Rishabh gets shocked on hearing this. He thinks of the person who informed the police about Preeta.

Srishti will tell Sammy that the police is looking for Preeta. Srishti asks Rishabh to check Sherlyn’s video again, because everyone feels that Preeta is innocent. Rishabh is surprised who told the police about Preeta. Police has reached with a search warrant. Rishabh tells everyone in the house that they have to save Preeta and Karan from the police. Rishabh asks Sherlin to show him the video he has shown to the police. Before that, Sherlyn gives Sammy voice while showing the video. Meanwhile, Rishabh confuses the police and here Preeta and Karan try to run away with the unconscious truck driver. Now look forward

Rishabh tells Preeta that if the police has gone, now everyone can relax. Preeta is shocked when the doorbell rings at the door. Karan hides again with Preeta. After this Rishabh goes to Karan’s room and asks that if Preeta does not want to kill Mahira then what is she doing in that video? Will Karan and Rishabh find out the truth in this episode? Stay connected with NBT to know.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2020 : Mainsh throws Kartik out from the house!


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2020 Written Update and Upcoming Story on Serailgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Naira accuses Javeri for concealing the fact that Abhishek is his son thus combating the event of Luv Kush so that combined with them Abhishek too can find a clean chit. Meanwhile, Abhishek enters the Goenak house and shows that he does not need to hide as his dad is a large lawyer. He says he did not go to USA but seen Gujarat in her grandma’s house. Kartik, Naira and other racks shocked.

Later, Javeri informs to Goenka’s that he is only helping Abhishek, Luv and Kush. He says he understands Abhishek is equally at fault but he won’t let anything happen to them. Javeri further asks Manish to solve his family issue. He says to Naira that she’s taking enmity out of a wrong guy.

Ahead, Manish and Kartik argues. He accuses Kartik for betraying them and encouraging Naira. Manish states like always he did not bother about Luv Kush and only supporting Naira blindly. Kartik says he’s supporting right. And Manish asks Kartik to leave his home along with Naira.

Kartik seeks the blessing of Manish and asks Naira to come with him. Naira yells and Kartik drags her out from the home. There, Luv Kush talks with one another and Luv says because of Manish they’re out in the jail. Kairav gets happy hearing Manish is strong.

Kartik and Naira asks Kairav to come with them. However, Kairav runs to Manish and asks him to rescue him from Kaira because he does not want to choose them. Luv gets happy understanding Manish has thrown Naira out of the home. Kartik leaves the house Together with Naira without Kairav.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 25th February : Prerna gives a birth to a baby girl | Anurag revives his memory

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with infant crying. Nurse gives infant to Anurag and states Prerna is napping. Anurag recalls his minutes with Prerna and says infant looks equally Prerna. He smiles and kisses Prerna’s forehead. Prerna wakes up.

Anurag tells to Prerna they have becomes parents. Prerna gets happy understanding Anurag revived his memory. She gets happy seeing the infant. The duos adore the infant. There, Komolika reaches the place and has shocked seeing Viraj lying unconscious. Meanwhile, Mohini calls Komolika and inquires herto visit hospital. In the hospital, Basu’s stands stunned learning Prerna gave birth to a baby girl. Moloy gets happy seeing the infant. Mohini asks Anurag if he’s fine. Anurag shows that his memory is revived.

Basu’s gets joyful learning the facts. Anurag makes infant meets everyone. Nurse enters and says baby is weak and takes away the infant. Later, Anurag informs Veena which they’ve become Parents. Shehkar, Shivani and others gets happy. Komolika gets shocked learning Anurag recovered his memory.

Flip side, Prerna thanks Moloy for being at her side. Moloy says he’s a believe Anurag will become happier dad. There, Anurag loves his baby and talks with her. Here, Komolika gets mad thinking her all attempts gone in vain. She gets angrier when Anurag did not come to speak to her once.

Afterwards, Anurag learns from Prerna that Sonolika is just Komolika. Anurag stands shocked. Prerna asks him to look at the movies send by her physician. Episode ends with Anurag viewing the clips and pics of Komolika turning into Sonolika.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25th February : Rohit discovers Sonakshi suffers Super Virus

kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serailgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Sumit touches Sonakshi and Sonakshi asks him not to touch her because she isn’t comfortable. Sumit says their affair is happening so all this will occur. Sonakshi says she understands but she isn’t feeling comfortable. Sumit then asks Sonakshi if she still enjoys Rohit. Afterwards, Rohit asks Sumit why he was touching Sonakshi. Sumit informs to Rohit that Sonakshi is his girlfriend and certainly will do that. He asks Rohit if he still enjoys Sonakshi. Rohit stands stunned

Afterwards, Sumit claims to Sonakshi and Rohit both they love each other. Sonakshi and Rohit both state they can not love each other.

In the morning, Sonakshi catches the cold and suffers fever. She asks Suman and Pari to keep away from her. Other side, Muniya faints due to Super virus. Here, Tanya on telephone talks with her friend and says that her baby is kicking. Rohan stands shocked.

Rohit sees Muniya in the hospital and worries for Sonakshi. Afterwards, Sumit provides masks to Sonakshi’s family. Suman gets impressed. Here, Tanya acts weirdly and gets happy viewing cradle. Sippy stands shocked. YK shows to Nishi that Tanya is experiencing trauma thus acting weirdly. He says they want to do something

Later, Muniya informs to Rohit that Sonakshi was connected with her and asks him to rescue her. Rohit calls Sumit and asks him to instantly bring Sonakshi for the test up. Meanwhile, Sonakshi feels weak. Suman calls doctor. Rohit rushes to Sonakshi’s house.

Suman will not allow Rohit meets Sonakshi. Rohit informs to Suman that Sonakshi could be suffering from Super virus. Pari informs to Rohit that she indoors. Sonakshi won’t meet Rohit. Rohit asks Sonakshi to open the doorway as he’s here being a physician. Sonakshi remembers her past with Rohit.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th February : ABIR AND MISHTI’S FIRST NIGHT

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serailgossip.in

The episode begins with Mishti and Abir beginning to play the game of finding items in milk. Mishti finds specs. Meenakshi rejoices saying she’s won and asks Kuhu to promote her bro. Kuhu cheers for Abir. However it is Mishti who finds a jhumka, the exact same one that Mishti had lost and Abir had discovered when they met for the second time. Meenakshi inquires Abir when he remembers that and states that nothing goes unnoticed from the eyes of parents. She informs Kuhu she won again and Abir has dropped. Kuhu asks Abir to try for her . Kunal states he had already said that he’s lost everything in love.

They begin playing and Mishti and Abir locate a ring . Meenakshi says she’s won so that the silver coins will stay with her. Kunal claims that Abir has finally found something Kuhu must get something also. Abir agrees and says he’s found a ring. Mishti says she’s found it too. Everybody asks them to exchange rings and they do this.

Nidhi asks Meenakshi what she’ll do with silver coins today. Meenakshi says that these belong to kids only so offers them to Kuhu who refuses saying that she’s the person who won so she should keep them. She asks Abir to assure her that he will not let her shed next next moment. He promises her that.

Nanu yawns and says Kaushal is feeling sleepy. Everybody starts going towards their rooms.
Kunal asks Abir to assist him. Abir says it is his first night. Kunal answers that it is his first night also and takes him away while Abir wonders what sort of help he needs.

Kuhu brings Mishti in Abir’s room. Kuhu is going to leave but Mishti stops her. She says they keep fighting and she keeps saying they aren’t sisters but nobody can deny that today they’re sisters-in-law. Kuhu denies that. Mishti asks her to stop and states that they should attempt to be like Kunal and Abir at least for them.
Kunal tells Abir he wishes to do something special for Kuhu and has spoke with Mishti to maintain Kuhu busy, he needs his help to decorate the space. Abir thanks Kunal for getting Mishti’s buddy and also making plans . They hug.

Mishti claims to Kuhu that they’re finally with those they love so today they ought to stop fighting. She says that she is not extrover and trendy like her and does not even know how to cook properly so she does not know if people of the home will love her as much as they adore Kuhu. She informs her that she does not want to take her place but she simply does not want to argue with her and remain peacefully at the location she will get. Kuhu agrees on the condition that she won’t ever snatch her limelight. Mishti promises that. Kuhu gets happy and says that she does not know what to advice her for the first night due to her first night Kunal just kept saying that he hates her. Mishti apologizes. Kuhu wonders what to do on first night.

Jasmeet sees images of this Ghar Prawesh Kuhu posted on social networking and decides to call her to ask why they had been playing with colours. Only then he receives a call from Meenakshi who claims to have called her by mistake and apologizes for ruining her sleep. Jasmeet says it is okay and asks if everything is fine there. Meenakshi says that Kuhu organized everything all went really well and they left Mishti as chief guest. Jasmeet thinks that Mishti needed to remain happy after destroying Nishant’s life. Meenakshi says she saw Mishti bringing Kuhu to Kunal’s room as she did not let Kuhu forget that it is a special day for her also. She asks Jasmeet if Mishti did right. Jasmeet says yes she did. They cut the telephone. Jasmeet states that it is late or else she’d have called Kuhu and asked what play is happening. She’s upset since Meenakshi kept chanting Mishti’s name. \

On the other hand Meenakshi looks at a coin and says that she understands Jasmeet will not be able to sleep now. She says that she did not call by mistake but she wants to use her from her family since she’s the weakest member of Maheshwari family after what happened with her and Nishant. She states that she could not prevent her sons out of marrying Kuhu and Mishti but today they’ll see that both of them are not right for their loved ones. She looks at two towers of silver coins also states that both the women has made towers but do not understand that no tower can remain upright before Meenakshi Rajvansh. She breaks the towers of coins.

“Saathya mere” plays as Mishti enters from the room and walks towards the mirror. She sits on the bed.
Abir wonders what to say once he goes inside and says that Kunal was right and they have pressurized a lot. He tries to relax.

Kuhu enters in the room. Kunal feels sexy and turns on the AC. He asks Kuhu if she’s feeling hot too. She says that she’ll get freezed. Kunal asks her why her face is so red. She moves in front of mirror. Kunal asks her if she’s blushing. She denies and turns to face him. Kunal steps closer to her. “Bekhudi” plays. Kunal takes a tissue from the vanity and wipes the reddish color from Kuhu’s face. She says he is blushing now. Kunal gets nervous and denies blushing. He states that it is his room so he’s comfortable and he also got his mattress back today. He lies back on the bed saying that his spine was going to fight with the couch. Kuhu gets on the bed too and asks him if he married her only to repair his back pain. She strikes Kunal with cushion and he yells. Kuhu asks him what people will believe hearing him crying like this. Kunal says they will feel that his wife beats him. Kuhu laughs.

Abir enters in the room and looks about for Mishti. He sees that she’s fallen asleep on the bed. He recitates a poetry and sits alongside Mishti kissing her brow. He puts her head on his lap and caresses it. He slowly falls asleep also.

The following morning Kuhu is outside for morning call. She’s likely to surprise Kunal with red sportscar. Only then she receives Jasmeet’s call. She asks if she’s talking to Parul. Kuhu says she phoned her and her kuhuness. Jasmeet states that she can call her Parul part 2 today because she’s seen her selfie and her face was red with kumkum. She asks her if she’s been working complete the day and performing aarti. Kuhu asks her to quit taunting her and says that she’s talked with Mishti who won’t interfere in her things today. Jasmeet instigates her comparing her with Parul who functions Meenakshi. Kuhu says that she wishes to be pleased with Kunal now they are together and she does not want to fight with anyone. Jasmeet asks her to struggle for Kunal at least but Kuhu cuts the telephone.
Varsha comes and inquires Jasmeet who she was speaking with. Jasmeet lies. Rajshri comes and say she wants to speak to Mishti and ask if everything was fine.

Meenakshi plays sitar. Mishti receives Rajshri’s call. Rajshri scolds her for sleeping until today. Mishti instantly gets up. Varsha says that she’ll scold Kuhu for not waking her up. Rajshri asks Mishti to prepare and go downstairs and apologize to everybody promising that this will not happen again. Varsha indicates her to lie that she had hassle and do that each and every time she wakes up . She says she was able to do that also. Rajshri gets surprised. Mishti asks them to keep cuts and arguing the telephone because she must go to get ready.
Parul provides a box to Meenaksbi asking what it is. Meenakshi looks on.

Sanjivani 2 25th February : NV SAVES ISHAANI

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 2 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serailgossip.in

The episode begins with Ishaani coming home confused about NV’s behavior. She’s sure he’s hiding something and wonders what it is. Bebe greets her and shares her joy about NV finding the best doctor for Sid. She says that she’s googled about Mehta and is extremely happy that Ratan attracted him to heal Sid.

Ishaani agrees and states that it is really tricky to get Mr. Mehta’s appointment. Ishaani needs to thank and wonders . She decides to make pakoras for him as he enjoys it. She asks for Bebe’s help as she does not know to cook. Bebe believes that this is the ideal way to bring Ishaani and NV closer and acts like she is not well and leaves to her room.

Ishaani decides to do it surfing the internet. She makes everything prepared for making pakoras. NV comes there. He gets amazed at seeing Ishaani in kitchen. Ishaani states she want to thank him with pakoras for bringing Mr. Mehta.

NV feels guilty for hiding about Sid’s real condition to Ishaani. He decides to show it to her shortly. He begins making coffee with pakoras. NV makes coffe while Ishaani makes pakoras.

Ishaani after finishing takes the pakoras to table. She discovers Sid’s record and takes it and starts reading it. She understands that Sid can never be treated and she gets stunned. She seems to be cheated by NV. She calls him betrayer and asks if he consented to give divorce because he understands that Sid can never be treated. She panics and blames NV for cheating her.

NV tries describing but she does not listen and runs off. She says to herself that everyone is cheating on her. First it is Sid and now NV. She decides to go far away from the people. She starts feeling dizzy. NV runs hunting Ishaani and inquires about her to everyone but none appears to know.

Ishaani walks despite becoming dizzy. She discovers a car approaching her but she could not move. NV sees it and saves her in the nick of time. He states that how can she di this as without her there is nothing in his lifetime. He asks her just ti find her unconscious. He picks her up and rushes to hospital.

He belongs to Sanjivani and admits. Rahil asks what happened however, NV asks him to treat her first. Rahil asks him to not to panic and tests on Ishaani.

Sid is in his wheel chair walking on the corridor on his way to possess vada pav. He finds NV and Rahil treating someone but could not see their face and leaves. Rahil asks NV to not to panic because she just fainted because of stress and blood pressure. He says that she is going to be alright soon. He gets amazed seeing the serene NV so much hyper about Ishaani.

Dr. Mehta comes there and NV requires him to cottage to not disturb Ishaani. He says he has tried all possible methods but nothing can save Sid. NV thinks it shouldn’t occur as if Sid does not get cured then Ishaani’s hope will get ruined.


Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February : Kabir makes a comeback in their life

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serailgossip.in

Episode begins with Aman is walking at the hotel premises area together with the business paper attached to his tie. Everybody is laughing at Aman while he’s walking through The corridor when Imran comes and says to him why are you attaching the newspaper with your tie and drifting around.

Aman finally realised that people are laughing because of this. Roshni is coming towards Aman using a file when she noticed that the chandelier is moving here and there.

Roshni runs to Aman to rescue him from the threat but the moment both of them hit the ground, Aman realised what exactly happened to them. Aman appears here and there and realised that the guest in the resort felt awkward with the episode and he called all his team members at his given to explore this.

Roshni steps ahead among all of the staff members and states it was my duty to call the electrician for the chandelier but I was late. Aman asks Roshni to clean the mess scattered on the ground and until it’s completed, she’s not allowed to move anywhere.

Roshni began to wash the glass bits one after another and it’s hurting her too. On the opposite side, Chotu is caught within the fountain from that angel so he can be a mediator for her to get free from the bud. Roshni gets a call from the hospital that her kidney is virtually paired with Praveen and to be 100% sure about it, they have to do some more tests instantly.

Roshni goes to Aman to take a leave for time being and she’ll be back shortly but he denies to give her. Roshni decides that for the interest of the wellbeing of Parveen she must go hospital by any means. Aman was also informed by the hospital team that eventually they’ve a match for his mother. Aman gets happy with it and he goes to the hospital to meet her.

Aman send off his helper to have a check on Salma because he believes Roshni wants to go home for this however he advised Aman she’s fine and Roshni isn’t there.

Roshni comes back to the resort from the hospital joyful as her reports are nearly matched with Parveen. She meets Aman who got angry with her for leaving the hotel and her job in the center and asks her to go to a farmhouse to deliver food items for the union house at this time.

The flip side, the black cat turns out to be none other than Kabir who’s back to take revenge from Aman as Parveen remains concerned for her son Aman but not because of him.

When Roshni reached the farmhouse, she realized it was a bachelor party where she’d come to deliver food items. The people present in the celebration began to misbehave with her. Aman reaches there on time and defeats them to conserve Roshni while they are unaware of the comeback of Kabir.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February : Rudraksh starts to annoy Preesha at every moment

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Seraigossip.in

Episode begins with Rudraksha brings the components necessary for breakfast so that Preesha can make it for Saransh. The two Rudraksha and Preesha bring the food items for Saransh on the table and he begins to eat as he’s hungry. The mother of Rudraksh claims to Saransh you can sit and eat the meals as status while consuming food isn’t good.

Preesha asks Saransh to have his meals while she’s going upstairs to take her purse. Rudraksh stopped her and asks where are you going today? She says I must return to my clinic since it was long I did not see there and moreover, I wish to restart my job.

Rudraksh goes and brings mop and bucket for her and says I have better jobs for you, simply clean this house as I fired all of the housemaids so today as a kid -in-law you must care for the household chores. Preesha knows that his motive would be to touch her so she can get fed up with him and leaves the home without Saransh.

She celebrities to do things when Saransh says will my mom do these work alone? I’ll also help her and he begins to do the job together with Preesha and Yuvraj did not stop him at all. On the opposite side, Vasudha and GPS see the home of Rudraksh to give away Preesha her clothes and stuff and they get stunned to see the condition of their daughter and grandson.

Balraj claims to GPS if you’re having problem with how we’re behaving with your daughter then you may take her away from here, we are not going to stop you. Saransh says to his mother he can not live without her she should not go away leaving him alone .

Preesha claims to her parents that they ought to go away from hello she’ll manage herself. She’s out with them and says it is merely a strategy of Rudraksh tochan me like this so I went from the house without branch and he can keep him for the whole life.

She promised to herself that I won’t go away from the house without my son and I must take the custody back from rudraksh and he’ll give me and that’s a promise. Preesha attempts to put her things in almirah of Rudraksha shares and stocks I don’t have any space left in my cabinet.

Preesha shows him the distance, he retained some files in the cabinet to fill the empty place and says now it’s no more empty and both of these shows attitude to one another. Yuvraj check his bank accounts and find out that his accounts have very minimal equilibrium level along with his credit card limit is finished.

Hey understand he is almost finished financially and as he isn’t able to practice his attorney ship, he must catch the trust fund of Saransh by anyhow. He calls Preesha to have a talk with her again so she comes under his sway but she says to him straight it will be better if he does not call her anymore and she’s busy searching for a college for Saransh online. Yuvraj gets offended with this.

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