Pandya Store 14th June 2022 Written Update: Gautam and Krish are devastated


Pandya Store 14th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pandyas getting shocked on seeing Raavi. Dev turns off the TV to prevent Raavi from seeing the accident news. Raavi asks Gautam where they’re going at this time, if they are going to bring Shiva. Gautam agrees. He says that Shiva might have stuck somewhere, so they’re going to bring him. Gautam leaves taking Krish along with him.

Raavi gets suspicious that Dev and Dhara are hiding something from her and asks them what the matter is. She asks if it’s related to Shiva. Dhara denies it, but Raavi’s suspicious gets stronger. She wonders what they’re hiding. Dev suggests playing game until they return. Raavi scolds Dev for wanting to play game in this tensed situation. Raavi takes the remote to switch on the TV. Dhara takes the remote from Raavi’s hand which stuns Raavi.

The reporters asks the inspector about death count. He says that they can’t tell anything for now and says to let them do their work. He says to an officer to collect all things and keep apart to identifies the victims of the accident. Gautam and Krish are on the way in the tempo and pray for Shiva’s safety. Here Dhara asks Raavi if she doesn’t trust them, if they will lie to her.

Dhara says to Raavi to rest in her room, they will wake her up when Shiva will come back. Dhara throws the remote to Dev. He drops the remote deliberately. Dev says that it’s damaged that they have to get a new one. Raavi says to Dhara to scold Dev for doing a work properly. She says him to go to Rishita. Raavi is about to turn on the TV manually. Dhara comes in front of the TV.

Gautam drives the tempo recalling the accident news. He didn’t see the vehicle is coming in front of them. Krish alerts Gautam in time and Gautam avoids the accident. Krish says that he will drive the tempo. Here Dhara breaks the TV and lies that it happened mistakenly. Rishita and Suman come there. Dhara cries hugging Raavi. She apologizes for breaking the TV. She thinks that she can’t openly crying for Shiva. Suman asks Dhara if Shiva has come.

Dhara lies that she talked to Shiva. He said that he was stuck somewhere due to bad weather. Raavi asks Dhara why she didn’t tell her earlier, she was worried about Shiva. Dhara says that because Raavi’s questions never end. She says Raavi to go and rest. She walks away from there. Dhara hopes that her lie comes true and Shiva returns home safe. She prays to God for Shiva’s protection.

Gautam and Krish reach the accident spot. They decide to go down the cliff to find Shiva. They see a covered dead body. They remove the cloth to check if it’s Shiva. They feel relived after knowing it’s not Shiva’s body. A officer says that they made the list of the passenger, who travled in the bus according to their seat number and their belongings are placed on the table according to their seat number. The relatives can collect their belongings.

Gautam and Krish to check the passenger’s list. Gautam is unable to do it. So Krish checks the list and is shocked finding Shiva’s name on the list. He cries and tells Gautam the same. Gautam refuses to believe Krish and checks by himself. He stands stunned finding Shiva’s name on the list. He breaks into tears.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish shouts Shiva on seeing a corpse. Gautam stands crying. Prafulla comes to Raavi and says about the bus accident. She adds that Shiva was supposed to travel on that bus. Raavi stands shocked.

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