Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Update: Arvind gives marriage proposal for Dhawal and Suhani


Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman trying to stop Natasha from crying more and says her to sleep by laying in her laps. Chiku feels hurt seeing his sister broken like this. Suman sings lullaby and tries to make Natasha fall asleep. Natasha lies with her eyes open and keeps crying. She tries to control her emotions but fails. Yaadon ki baraat plays in the background. Natasha gets text from her friend asking why Dhawal has changed his status to single. Natasha checks his profile and finds the same.

Dhawal lies restless on bed thinking about how Natasha wanted to save their relation. Natasha cries silently. Dhawal says Natasha will get free from this relationship next day. Amba checks photos and tells Isha that she is surprised in such short time they found so many matches for Dhawal and asks her to shortlist some. Isha says what will she doing so and tells to show Dhawal instead. Amba tells Isha that why she is doing all this for Natasha. Isha reminds her that she is Makwana mansion because of Natasha. She denies to be part of this sin. Amba says Isha is acting like it’s her marriage getting broken.

Amresh comes and tells Amba to come to court. Natasha comes there with Suman and Chiku. Lawyer says its marriage annulment case so they will get separated soon. Dhawal Makwana and Natasha Pandya are called inside. Dhawal reaches there with Amresh and Amba. Dhawal’s lawyer says that family members are not allowed to go inside. So only Dhawal and Natasha go there. Natasha keeps looking at Dhawal who looks at her stealthily too. Tere Liye plays as both of them feel their conscience coming closer but they stand apart in real. Natasha gets hurt and Dhawal holds her hand but she finds it was her imagination.

Dhawal imagines Natasha around teasing him too by running with his file and holds her to get it back. He finds her disappearing and looks at her standing apart. Both of them reach the courtroom. Natasha thinks of how Dhawal publicly said about them not having any physical relationship infront of everyone. She goes and takes her seat followed by Dhawal. He emotionally strained keeps looking at Natasha too. Arvind meets Amresh and hugs him. Amresh asks him when he returned back from Uganda. Amresh says he learnt business from Arvind.

Arvind says Amresh that he has seen Dhawal has changed his status to single and asks if he is getting separated from Natasha. Arvind proposes to get his daughter Suhani married to Dhawal. Suman gets shocked to hear it and tells Chiku that they do not reality of Makwanas so giving their daughter to them. Judge says Natasha and Dhawal that since they have not started their relationship so she advises them to give time to it. But Natasha strongly disagrees. Amresh invites Arvind for dinner. Natasha and Dhawal get into argument there too. They get date of next week and says since they did not consummate they will get permission to separate on first hearing. The episode ends with Dhawal and Natasha looking at each other hurt.


Natasha and Dhawal will get stuck in jungle during college trip. Adivasis will tell them they should not have come to jungle on moon night and will warn them not to go on other side of jungle to remain safe.