Pandya Store 17th June 2022 Written Update: The villagers rescue an unconscious Shiva


Pandya Store 17th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam saying to Dhara that Shiva’s ashes pot is outside the house. Dhara says that she asked him to bring Shiva safe, but not in ashes. She breaks into tears. Dhara comes out and sees the ashes pot. She remembers Shiva and cries hugging the ashes pot. She takes it inside the house. Family cry on seeing the ashes pot. Prafulla requests Raavi to open the door and sees Shiva for the last time. Raavi comes out oh her room. She says that this isn’t Shiva, what she will do by seeing him for a last time.

Raavi sees the ashes pot. She reminds Suman that she believed Shiva is fine and asks then why she’s crying for a stranger. She asks the family why they are keeping it here when it’s not Shiva. She says it to remove from here. Raavi keeps repeating it. Dhara says to Raavi to come her sense. Raavi says that Dhara needs to come to her sense. This isn’t their Shiva. She says to ask herself by placing her hand in her heart. Raavi demands to remove it from her sight. Dhara stops Raavi and criea hugging her. Raavi firmly says that Shiva can’t go away from her. Dhara hugs her crying. Rishita, Dev and Krish hug them.

Raavi asks Suman how she can give up by being a mother and accepts that this is their Shiva. Meanwhile Shiva is shown lying unconscious in a river side. Here Kanta comes to Raavi and is about to remove Raavi’s nuptial chain. Dhara stops her and asks what she’s doing. Kanta says that nuptial chain has no value when Shiva is no more. Dhara says that a husband doesn’t sacrifice anything after wife’a death then why wife gets punished for everything. She asks why her vermillion, her nuptial chain and bangles should be removed.

Kanta says to Suman to make Dhara understand. Suman says that Dhara is right. Rishita says that Dhara won’t remove anything, these all Shiva’s memories and she has full rights to wear them. Suman makes Raavi wear her bangle and says that she sees her son’s existence through Raavi. Kanta says that the society… Raavi says that hell with the society. She says that Shiva is alive. There few villagers spot Shiva.

Raavi says to Gautam to remove the ashes pot in front of her since Shiva is alive. Other side the villagers come to Shiva. The man checks his breath. The woman asks if he is dead, what they will do now. The man says that he will call the police. The brothers take the pot ashes while all cry. Raavi signs Suman to not cry and hugs her. There Shiva moves his finger. The girl sees this and notifies her dad. The woman says that says that he is alive. They take him from there. Here Prafulla says to Suman that she’s taking Raavi to her house shocking all.

The episode ends.

Precap: Government officers come to Paandyas. He says that they got order to distribute the compensation money. He says that they have proof for Shiva’s death and gives 10 lakhs cheque. Raavi cries holding the cheque. Villagers treat Shiva. He says Raavi’s name in the unconscious state.

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