Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Update: Dhara and Raavi decides to stay with Shiva

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the kids gets shocked seeing the lady infront of them. The lady asks them now how they will run away. Chiku and Shesh signs at eachother and makes the lady fall down then runs away. The lady gets angry and says at any cost she will take the kids with her. Here, Dev Rishita and Prerna searches for the kids. Dev takes the bicycle to go and search for the kids. Rishita and Prerna joins him. Chutki complains to her cousins that her image is at stake for stealing a pastry. Shesh gets annoyed and scolds her. Chiku advices him to not to get into an argument. They all then sees the lady then runaway from there too. In the hospital, Dhara asks Gautam to file a complaint about the kids missing in police station. Suman asks all of them to go and search for the kids and she will be with Shiva. Dhara and Raavi refuses to go with them saying she have full faith in her family they will find her Chiku. Raavi also says that she trusts her family too and they both decides to stay with Shiva. Gautam and Krish leaves the hospital to search the kids.

Shweta asks the people around her to help them find her house. She gets into an argument with a man in her intoxicated state and then calls out Krish to take her back to home. Here, the kids enters the graveyard. They all hides themselves. Both the shopkeeper and the lady comes to the place. They asks the kids to come out. Then both the lady and shop keeper argues who should enter the graveyard to find the kids. The kids together makes a noise so both the lady and shop keeper runaway from there. The kids gets happy. Chutki gets sad and upset that no one recognised her as she used to act in TV serials. Shesh mocks at her. Mithu asks where they are now. Shesh says they all are must be in a tuition center hence there are so many plus signs around them. Dev, Rishita and Prerna learns the kids were in the cake shop so rushed there. The shop keeper calls the kids by names for cheating on him. Rishita scolds him and says the kids are their’s. The shopkeeper refuses to tell them anything until he gets his money. Prerna pays him. The shopkeeper tells there are four kids not three also out of four one of them is a girl. Rishita gets relieved knowing Chutki is with her cousins. The shopkeeper tells them the kids entered the graveyard. Rishita worries but Dev tells her the kids are too young to even realise where they are so decides to go to graveyard to find the kids.

Here, the kids sees a man entering the place wearing a super man outfit and gets happy thinking he is a real super man. They all then sees a man in a monster outfit. They gets scares so goes behind the super man and seeks his help to save them. The man who is in super man outfit takes them inside the pit he is hiding. Once the other guy who is in a monster outfit leaves the place. So the gut with the kids decides to take the kids somewhere safe and brings them out of the pit then takes them from the graveyard. Dhara worries not able to contact Gautam to learn about the kids well being. Gautam and Krish searches for the kids in the graveyard. They meets a drunkard and asks him about the kids. The man shows them a pit saying this is were he saw the kids. Both Gautam and Krish refuses to believe. Krish then notices the kids footprint and shows it to Gautam. They wonders where the kid must went. Meanwhile the kids enters where their house is with the man who is in his superman outfit.

Precap: The Pandya kids miss their mother’s. Shweta tells them that she will take them all to their real mother. The kids will look on. Dhara says this time she will defeat Shweta with the power of her motherly affection.

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