Pandya Store 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Natasha’s plan to participate in swim wear round


Pandya Store 22nd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Makwana men coming to house and finds the lights turned off. When Amrish angrily turns to switch on, they get shocked seeing all the clothes scattered around. Chirag tells that even evening’s diya is not lighting so they may hve not returned back home. Suddenly they hear Amba screaming and she comes to the hall itching her skin. Amrish gets shocked seeing her body being attacked with ants all over and calls Chabeli. Chabeli tells that Amba was hungry so she was eating sugar and whole Jar dropped on her.

Bhavin tells Chabili that he is tired and demands to get tea. Amrish questions how he got tired just by picking Golu from school. Bhavin gets shocked hearing Golu has not come back yet. Bhavin tells Chirag was supposed to bring Golu home. Chirag apologises for forgetting about it. Amrish calls at school and gets worried when the watchman informs that none of the kids are at school. They get worried about his whereabouts but feels relieved seeing Hetal bringing crying Golu home. She tells she had got call from Golu’s school that no one came to pick him so they went to school.

Amrish questions Chabili why the house is scattered with clothes all over. Hetal calms him and says they will do all the work and bring tea for everyone too. Along with Dolly and Pranali, Hetal hurriedly finishes everything and even makes something to feed Golu. Suman questions Natasha if there is improvement in her and Dhawal’s relationship but before she can answer, she gets call from Hetal asking if she found solution for their problem. She tells she will inform them once she returns home. Natasha is leaving when she finds the two girls she rescued from raid selling clothes in the street.

Natasha gets happily surprised seeing them and talks to them. They tell that because of Natasha they got free from the hell and the guy with her helped them to earn. They take her inside and Natasha gets surprised seeing Shashank there. He informs Natasha that his mother does stitching so he thought to help them. Natasha gets impressed seeing their designs and proposes to get their swimming costumes designed by them. She goes to the beauty pageant organiser and tells her plan but the girl gets angry on Natasha and asks her to quit if she is not comfortable with their costumes.

Dhawal comes to Natasha and inquires what’s happening. She tells how everyone has been uncomfortable knowing about swimming costume round so she brought these girls to help them design something according to their choice. Dhawal sees their designs and gets impressed. He talks to Juhi flirting with her and makes her agree to give a chance to them. Dhawal says that his charm is not working on one whom he wants to. Natasha is about to slip but before Dhawal can help her, Shashank does making Dhawal disappointed. Dhawal comes to see Shashank and Natasha working with the rest of ladies. The episode ends with Dhawal feeling jealous.


Dhawal will tell that on one hand Juhi has locked Natasha and Bhabhis in the dressing room while on other hand Amrish is coming to stop them from participating. He will decide to get them out from room and participate before Amrish reaches.